Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, soy beans should definitely be something that you are including in your regular diet plan.  Some people are turned off by the word ‘soy’ in the name but it’s important to realize that there are many benefits to including soy in your food selection.

Let’s take a quick look at the top benefits that soy beans have to offer.

Plenty Of Protein

One of the biggest reasons why soy is so popular amongst the vegetarian crowd is because they do contain plenty of protein.  Plus, while many meat sources of protein are high in saturated fat, soy beans contain very little.  Instead, any fat they do contain is of the healthy variety so this really goes a long way towards promoting overall wellness.

High In Iron Content

Soy beans are also going to be an excellent source of iron in the diet, which is vital for those who don’t take in enough red meat to begin with.  What’s more is that the iron that is found in soy beans is also very well absorbed in the body, which is something that you don’t often get with other foods.

Iron is going to be important for ensuring healthy red blood cell levels and making sure you aren’t quick to fatigue.

Aids In Weight Loss

Another huge benefit that soy beans have that will definitely make them appealing to many is the fact that they will aid in the weight loss process.

Soybeans have a certain isoflavone called genistein which can help the body to reduce the size of the fat cells it creates.  This then may help you store less body fat provided your total calorie intake is where it should be, thus improving the rate of weight loss that you experience.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol, Raises Good

Finally, soy will help both men and women out as far as their cholesterol levels are concerned.  Since maintaining a good balance between good and bad cholesterol levels is essential for proper health, by eating soy in your regular diet you will decrease the level of ‘bad cholesterol’ in the body while increasing the level of ‘good’ cholesterol.

This then causes a much better overall cholesterol profile in the body thus improving your overall health.

So don’t neglect soy beans from your diet.  This is a very potent healthy food that you should be eating at least once a week for all around good support.