Looking for a quick and easy way to liven up your salads? Try using sunflower seeds!  Sunflower seeds not only taste great and are easy to incorporate into many different recipes but they pack in some serious health benefits as well.

Let’s take a quick look at all the great benefits that sunflower seeds have to offer.

Offer Anti-Inflammatory Protection

The very first benefit that you’ll get from sprinkling these tiny seeds into your meals is anti-inflammatory protection.  Because they are a very rich source of vitamin E, this is going to go a long way towards helping them stop any free radicals that are attacking the body’s cells.

This means then that you’ll have a lower risk of suffering from conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, as well as asthma, all of which are related to inflammation in the body.

Bring Down Total Cholesterol Levels

The second benefit that you’ll get from sunflower seeds is a reduction in your overall cholesterol level.  Because they contain phytosterols, these will help to reduce blood cholesterol and lower your risk of cancer.

What’s more is that this food has the highest level of these phytosterols out of all the seeds and nuts that you could consume so be sure to choose these more often over some of the other options you may turn towards.

Enable Proper Muscle Contractions

If you’re someone who participates in vigorous exercise regularly, that makes for another reason to be sure that you’re taking in sunflower seeds.  These provide a very rich source of magnesium which is a key mineral that’s going to help counterbalance calcium in the muscle cells so the relaxation phase properly takes place in each muscle contraction.

Those who don’t take in enough magnesium in their diet do tend to be more prone to cramping up and tight muscles, so if you experience either of these things it’s definitely something to look into.

So don’t overlook sunflower seeds any longer.  They offer a very nice change of pace from slivered almonds or whatever else you might be using and will definitely provide numerous health benefits.