One food that far too many people overlook when preparing their nightly meals are sweet potatoes.  They instead either opt for plain old russet potatoes or go with the other carbohydrate options of pasta or brown rice.

If you’re looking to boost your health and improve your nutrition, this is a big mistake.  Sweet potatoes have a tremendous amount of benefits to offer so it’s time to consider adding them back into your day.

Let’s have a look at a couple of the big advantages of choosing a sweet potato.

High In Vitamin A

The first nutritional benefit that sweet potatoes provide you is being very high in vitamin A content.  In fact, the vitamin A found in sweet potatoes is used even better than the vitamin A found in many green vegetables which illustrates just how helpful these can be for your diet.

Provides Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

The second great thing about sweet potatoes is that one pigment that’s found in them called Anthocyanin will help to prevent inflammation in the body and can help aid anyone who is dealing with health concerns focused around this issue.

The inflammation benefits of sweet potatoes tend to be especially prevalent in the brain and nerve tissue areas, two vital components of good health.

Improves Blood Clotting Ability

Next up on the list of reasons to add this food to your daily diet is because the combination of Fibrinogen and thrombin found in the sweet potato will improve the bloods ability to clot when necessary helping to prevent the loss of blood should an injury or cut occur.

It’s also important to note though that for those who do tend to have clotting issues already, you should take caution before adding too many sweet potatoes to your body. If you’re on certain medications to treat blood clotting problems (either a tendency for the blood to clot to easily or not clotting enough), you don’t want a higher consumption of sweet potatoes to interact with this.

Improvement In Your Blood Sugar

Finally, the last big benefit that you’ll get from sweet potatoes is that they can help to regulate blood sugar levels.  Sweet potatoes are filled with dietary fiber and will help to keep your blood sugar levels on an even level.

Those who suffer from type 2 diabetes especially will benefit from including sweet potatoes in their regular meal plans, so if that’s you, something to really consider.

Sweet potatoes offer a very nice change of pace to your everyday diet so if you’re often finding yourself questioning what to serve alongside your protein source at dinner, be sure to give this food some consideration.