There’s no questioning the fact that if you want to maintain a healthy diet and keep up with your regular workout schedule, getting in enough protein with your diet is a must. Many people do fall short in protein intake however either because they simply grow tired of the usual protein standby’s or because they are just not making enough effort to take in enough protein on a regular basis.

For a quick change of pace, consider adding venison to your daily diet.  This form of protein is rarely consumed by most people but should be included because not only is it a fantastic lean source of protein but it also offers many other health benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros of adding venison to your menu.

Low In Saturated Fat

One major problem with some other protein sources is that they’re very high in overall saturated fat.  When optimal health is the main priority, saturated fat is something you’ll want to be avoiding.

Fortunately, venison over comes that.  As one of the leanest sources of protein that you can consume, it’s a great way to reach your protein requirements without taking in all that heart-harming saturated fat.

The vast majority of the small amount of fat it does provide is form healthier varieties so you can easily add it to your dinner meal without worry.

Rich In B Vitamins

The second benefit of venison is that it’s a very concentrated source of many of the B vitamins including vitamin B12, vitamin B6, niacin, and riboflavin.

These vitamins are going to work in the body to help maintain your energy levels so if you’re on a low carb diet which can often lead to lagging energy, you’ll want to be sure that the protein choices you do consume contain these critical nutrients.

Contains Plenty Of Iron

Finally, the last reason to consider upping your intake of venison is because it’s also a rich source of iron.  Lean red beef is really the only other main protein source that contains plenty of iron so if you aren’t a big fan of this, venison then becomes the next best option.

While you can get iron from vegetable and some grain sources, iron does tend to be absorbed best when it comes from meat. 

So there you have three big benefits of venison.  It may not be as readily available to purchase as beef or chicken but when you can get a hold of it, be sure to make use of it in your diet plan.