Whether you choose to use wasabi as a flavourful addition to one of the many dishes you prepare or you choose to consume it in the more traditional form with your sushi on occasion, one thing is for certain and this food has a number of health benefits.

Wasabi does definitely add a nice kick to any dish that you eat it with so it’s not something you’ll eat in very high concentrations but fortunately, a little will go a long way as far as your health is concerned.

Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits that you’ll receive from including wasabi in your day.

Protects Against Cancer

The first health benefit that wasabi provides is that it’s a rich source of isothiocyanates and these will help to provide anti-cancer benefits by activating certain enzymes in the body that prevent the development of cancer causing substances.

The best thing about these isothiocyanates is that they’ll do this all without damaging any of the nearby cells so you won’t experience any ill health effects because of them.

Prevents Abnormal Clot Formation

Wasabi is also going to be useful for helping to reduce the risk of heart attacks or stroke as it plays a key role in preventing platelet aggregation.  When this occurs in the body in abnormal rates that’s what can lead to the development of a heart attack or stroke, so this is a very important benefit that it has to offer.

Can Help Treat Arthritis

While the use of wasabi with your meals may not help cure those who are suffering from arthritis, it certainly can help treat it since it’s going to help to reduce the amount of inflammation that’s experienced in the body, which is what leads to much of the pain associated with arthritis in the first place.

So as you can see there are a number of health benefits of consuming wasabi and it’s going to do much more than just liven up your dishes.  It can take a bit of time getting used to its flavor as it quite powerful but if you can try it a few different ways then chances are you’ll easily find one method to enjoy it.