Night-time is when you prepare your body to face the upcoming day. Your night routine should include the necessary elements that can help your body to repair and heal damages. Additives and adulteration in chemical-based products have pushed people to try natural products. These products help protect your skin, hair, nails without causing any side effects. 

Hemp seed oil is one such natural ingredient that can bring incredible benefits to your body. It is an effective alternative to moisturize and nourish your skin, relieve stress, and even repair dehydrated and damaged skin. It also shows a positive impact on reducing acne, psoriasis, in preventing hair fall and giving a lustrous shine to your hair. So, when it comes to night-time care, there is no ingredient more beneficial than hemp seed oil. Here are ten reasons why you need to make it a mandate to your night-time care. 

It can give you lustrous hair

The increasing level of pollution tends to have tremendous effects on your hair health. It causes dry hair, damaged hair with split ends & even oily scalp leading to dandruff. Adding to these problems are ineffective hair care products that contain chemicals that mostly damage your hair texture or block pores causing further complications. Hemp oil can be the best choice of ingredient to treat your hair. It has a collection of amino acids that helps moisturize the hair follicles. It helps control fizziness and adds luster to your hair. 

Hemp oil benefits the hair without blocking the pores in the scalp, which ensures that your scalp does not become too oily or excessively dry. It also helps reverse damages such as dry hair and split ends over time with regular usage. You can add hemp oil to your regular hair oil or hair mask and apply it before you go to bed. Wash your hair and use a conditioner followed by a serum to get gorgeous hair. Hemp oil is also useful for users with hair color, as it does not cause the color to fade out.  

It can help your aging skin

Your skin is among the first indicators of your age. With increased pollution and regular exposure to harmful chemical-based skin care products, the skin begins to lose its luster and glow at a very young age. Wrinkles, age spots, fine lines, pigmentation, sagging skin, and several other problems begin to ruin the look and feel of your skin. Studies have revealed that hemp oil has high levels of antioxidants, which can reduce aging factors like sagging and wrinkles and greatly enhance skin repair. Because of its higher nutritional and lower mineral content, it is easily absorbed in the skin and prevents pores from being blocked, which in turn prevents acne and visibly reduces skin scars and stretch marks. The omega fatty acids help reduce skin inflammation and treat damaged skin to increase natural glow. It moisturizes dry skin to make sure that the various age signs reverse over time. It eliminates blemishes caused due to multiple factors and helps trigger natural radiance. You can shop for everything you need at Getkush to enjoy the best quality hemp oil for skin care. 

It can reverse sun damage

 Ozone level depletion has plummeted us into the sunscreen era, where Sun Protection Factor (SPF) rated moisturizers have gone from being a sunburn preventing beach tool to daily use “before you go out” tool. Luckily, hemp oil in concentrated form can provide up to SPF 10 level protection, which isn’t much but combined with mild water-based moisturizers, it can be a cost-effective “daily use” sunscreen. Also, even after regular sunscreen usage, your skin is mildly prone to sun damage. Using hemp oil with your regular night-time skincare can help reverse sun damage. It can prepare your skin to take sun stress the following day and protect the layers from facing further damage. It can also help reduce sunburns and suntans. 

In addition, hemp oil can help reduce redness and inflammation caused by sunburn when used in combination with aloe vera. Take a few drops of a mixture of hemp oil and aloe vera and massage on the skin. Wash off with cold water to ease the areas of sunburn. You can mix a few drops of hemp oil to your regular skin cream or sunscreen to enhance sun protection properties. 

It can help relieves stress and pain

Your body goes through a lot of stress during the daytime, and it is vital to provide it with proper tools to go through a healthy healing period during the night to reverse the damage. The use of hemp oil to massage your body can be an efficient way of relieving pain and stress. Hemp oil contains trace amounts of THC, which will not get you high, even if you apply a lot of it. But this trace amount does help in relaxing the skin and relieving it of stress. When applied to joints, it acts as a mild pain reliever and is even known to relieve mild headaches. Hemp oil is easy to use, and it effectively removes the pain due to inflammation in users. Alternatively, One can also buy seeds online and incorporate them in their diet to relieve stress and pain. 

It moisturizes the skin without choking it

Your skin needs ample moisture to look and feel healthy. Your moisturizer not only needs to provide the necessary hydration and oil levels to your skin but also stay intact for longer periods to maintain these levels. The use of Hemp oil is particularly effective in this case as it can perform both these functions. Most of the products we use today are petroleum-based cosmetics or moisturizers, which use large amounts of chemicals, oil, and minerals that choke our skin while trying to remedy the situation. Hemp oil is 100% natural and contains high amino acid content. It is a humectant and can hence ensure your skin is always moisturized and hydrated. It can deeply moisturize and nourish the skin to look lively and healthy. What’s better is the fact that it doesn’t choke our skin and helps it to retain moisture, unlike the fossil fuel-based counterparts. It helps balance the levels of oil on the skin that reduces the risk of skin problems such as acne. It helps the skin to look radiant at all times of the day by ensuring the skin is very well hydrated. 

 It increases the rate of skin healing

Whether your skin damage due to cuts, wounds, or blemishes from skin problems, hemp oil can help heal these problems faster than normal. Hemp oil is known to have vitamin D, B, and trace amounts of E. All three of these are critical to the repair and growth of skin, and these vitamins are even given to patients in bulk after skin grafts so the skin can heal much faster. Vitamin B and E are greatly beneficial for our skin, as they help repair damage, remove scars, and stretch marks, and make the skin feel supple and plump. It can help treat blemishes due to acne and ensure your skin looks clear and gorgeous. Massage a few drops of hemp oil to your skin before you go to bed for the best benefits. 

 It can benefit your nails

Our nails are a fragile part of our body that requires regular care. Your nail beds and cuticles require special care to ensure your nails do not break too easily. Chemicals such as those used during nail extensions, can damage the texture and strength of your nail, along with causing a yellowish color. Cuticle oils are the latest trend that promises to increase the strength of your nails. If you love to flaunt gorgeous, long nails, then hemp oil is your best companion to prepare a healthy night-time routine for nail care. 

Hemp oil is known to have amino acids, which greatly increase nail strength and growth. It is also antibacterial and antifungal, acting as a mild natural sanitizer. It helps you achieve strong nails and healthy cuticles with regular usage. Massage some hemp oil in the cuticle before you go to sleep. The oil will moisture the nail beds and ensure you have strong and healthy nails. Hemp oil can also be used as an additive to nail polish. It will ensure that you enjoy a gorgeous color without damaging your nails. The oil can also help enhance nail growth and eliminate any discoloration. 

It can help with skin conditions

Whether your sensitive skin becomes hard to care for or you are suffering from skin conditions such as eczema, hemp oil can be your best choice to treat skin problems and aid your body to heal faster. People who have sensitive skin suffer from constant flare ups due to everyday factors such as weather, pollutants, or even new cosmetic products. Hemp oil helps reduce these flare-ups and calms the inflammation in these sights. It also helps reduce irritation and itchy skin. You can mix a few drops of hemp oil to your night time cream to achieve the best benefits. Hemp oil can also benefit users suffering from conditions such as eczema suggests a study. Consuming two drops of the oil during night-time can help relieve the skin from these conditions and reverse the damages in the affected areas. 

 It can moisturize your lips

Like your skin, your lip also faces sun damage, environmental damage due to pollutants, and most of all, discoloration and dryness due to cosmetics. The use of hemp oil can naturally moisturize your lips and ensure it looks bright and plump. It can help retain hydration and moisture to make sure you have a gorgeous smile. Add a few drops of hemp oil to brown sugar and use the mixture to mildly exfoliate your lips. Wash it off and rub some hemp oil to moisturize your lips before you go to bed. 

 It can act as an effect makeup remover

Exposing your skin to chemical, alcohol-based makeup removers only causes more damage. Your night-time routine to remove makeup from your skin should always focus on bringing back hydration and moisturization to the skin to ensure your body heals the damages caused due to cosmetics. Hemp oil is an effective makeup remover that will restore your skin health and moisturize it. Use hemp oil to rub on your skin mildly and slowly remove makeup traces. 

Hemp oil contains multiple vitamins (A, B, D, and E) all the ten essential amino acids, and is hence good for the heart, circulatory system, and immune system. You can easily include hemp oil in your regular diet as well for skin and hair care through capsules or other products directly during your night-time to ensure the best benefits for your body.