6 Reasons to Explore a Kitchen Renovation This Spring

Have you looked at your home and realized it was time to make changes? Home remodeling can be very complex, so many homeowners decide to renovate only one room at a time. According to a recent Scotiabank poll, the top three remodeling plans made are for the backyard (33% of the respondents), the bathroom (30%), and the kitchen (28%). Here are some of the many reasons why this year could be the year for you to remodel your kitchen.

1. It’s Time for Safety Inspections

If your home is an older one, then the electrical wiring or the plumbing may be outdated, and this can bring safety risks. It would be a good time to work with a plumber and an electrician to inspect your kitchen. If they recommend new wiring or plumbing, then you should consider those safety upgrades necessary for your family’s safety. You may also need to consider non-skid flooring to minimize the risk of falling.

2. It’s Time to Go Green

Many homeowners who want to protect the planet are renovating their homes and choosing replacement features that are better for the environment. Switch out any out-of-date appliances with Energy Star appliances that use less energy and save you money on utility bills. Discarding older appliances can also prevent the frustration of needing outdated parts for those older appliances. In addition, choose sustainable options – like bamboo flooring or solar paneling on your roof – when you renovate your kitchen.

3. It’s Time to Update Your Kitchen

You’re the person who best knows what your family will need or want in your remodeled kitchen. Does your family enjoy talking while collaborating around a large kitchen table for preparing meals, or is a kitchen island with stools more appropriate for your home? Many people who remodel their kitchens decide to change the design of their kitchen cabinets. According to Freedonia Group, the demand for kitchen cabinets will reach over $26 by 2026.

4. It’s Time to Boost Your Home Value

Anytime you make a significant improvement to your home, such as a kitchen remodel, it can increase the value of your home. If you plan to sell your home, an upgraded kitchen will result in a higher sale price. This is especially true if the kitchen update includes eco-friendly features, as more people who shop for homes will notice the updated features in your home. According to Zonda Media’s 2023 Cost and Value Report, a homeowner can expect to gain more than 35% of their kitchen remodel cost when

5. Time to Modernize Your Design

Your kitchen remodel may be overdue if you have an older home. A kitchen update can also give you the chance to swap appliances and fixtures with replacements that have features that weren’t previously available. You didn’t have an air fryer and a bread maker – among other things – back when your kitchen was first designed. An updated kitchen will allow for those helpful appliances to have the place of honor they deserve.

6. Time to Use Your Favorite Designs

Perhaps you saw a charming kitchen layout in a movie or at a friend’s home. Maybe you’re tired of the yellow flowers on your kitchen walls, and you want something that better fits your personal taste. Some families change from a kitchen island to one with a big table – or vice versa. You deserve a kitchen that truly fits your family’s lifestyle.

There’s a time when all the reasons for remodeling stack up, and you’re convinced now is the right time to remodel your kitchen. Although the cost of remodeling may concern you at first, remind yourself that you’re worth it. After all, according to Today’s Homeowner, over 90% of homeowners reported a better quality of life once their kitchen remodeling had been finished.