Spending a weekend cleaning out your garage may not be something you’re looking forward to, but getting it done will help you better organize your garage space. A dirty, unorganized garage will make it difficult to find things and will leave your garage at risk for mold, pests, and invasion by wildlife. You can get your garage clean with some simple organizational tips and determination. Here are some tips that can give you a cleaner and better garage.

Clean and Degrease the Floor

To start the cleaning process, you must first declutter the garage. Remove everything standing on the garage floor by bringing it outside to the driveway or the lawn. After that is done, sweep the garage floor and wash it. To remove grease or oil from the garage floors and walls, you can use a concrete degreaser or choose lemon and vinegar to remove grease, oil, and rust stains.

Pressure Wash the Floor

Washing the floor won’t clean it thoroughly, so you’ll need to use a pressure washing wand. Before beginning, cover the garage walls and any remaining furniture in the garage with plastic. When you hold the pressure washing wand, spray the water outwardly toward the exit, so the water will drain out of the garage after it’s washed. Keep the wand about two feet from the floor and spray broadly, sweepingly.

Check for Bedbugs and Other Pests

If you’ve been storing old mattresses or furniture in the garage, it is possible they could be infested with bedbugs. According to Forbes, a female bed bug will produce 200 to 250 eggs in its lifetime of three to four months. You can buy bedbug lures and place them between the furniture and your home, so if the bugs try to head toward the house, they’ll be trapped and killed by the lures first. If you can see the bugs on a mattress or furniture, take it to the dump to prevent them from continuing to breed and infest your garage.

Evaluate Your Garage Door

While cleaning your garage, it’s time to check the garage door. Check the door to see if it opens and closes without difficulty and listen for sounds of metal grinding. If you see cracks or bowing in the door, it’s time to consider a new garage door. According to Fortune Business Insights, the average garage door lasts 15 to 30 years, but a check of your garage door now will let you know you need a new one earlier.

Sort and Return Your Belongings

When you have finished cleaning your garage floor and walls, it’s time to return your belongings to the garage. But, before you do, sort the belongings into categories (car repair, home repair, seasonal storage, etc.) This sorting can help you keep everything organized by categories. You may also find items you don’t need or use. Some may be nice enough to resell with those items, while many can be thrown away.

Assess the Condition of Your Property

When you’re working on your garage, take the opportunity to look at your property – especially your garden. According to Science Direct, more than 75% of Earth’s land has now been affected by land degradation. Land degradation is the decrease or loss of ability to produce crops, affecting homeowners in rural communities – especially gardeners and farmers. Many of the world’s environmental experts are working together for solutions to land degradation.

Once your garage is clean, it will be a relief. To help organize everything, install shelves on your wall to store anything you’d like at eye level and make higher shelves for hanging tools like rakes and hoes. If you want to secure keys or other items, install metal hooks on the garage wall. If you’ve organized your belongings well, it will make your life – and your lifestyle – better in many ways.