There are many factors that come into play that can make a particular neighborhood suitable to raise a family in. Parenting isn’t always easy; however, a good neighborhood can ease the load. It is important to pay attention to the community network, its safety, and community features. Homes are investments. However, for seasoned homeowners, when you make an investment in a home, you are equally investing in that community. Make sure you choose the best one for your family.

The Community

It is nice to see a community full of people who care about their homes and neighbors. A good way to gauge a neighborhood’s concern for a community is through homeowners associations and other organizations. According to research, 74% of residents in homeowners associations have said that their community managers have added value and support to their members and residents.

Other community organizations, such as a community association, could prove to be extremely beneficial to a neighborhood. If the neighborhood you decide to invest in has any of these attributes, it could be suitable to bring a family into.


Another important attribute for a neighborhood to have is safety features. Before investing in a home, research the neighborhood. If the neighborhood shows itself to be a hot spot, especially for violent crimes, such as armed burglary, robbery, and assault, it may not be a suitable neighborhood for a family to be brought up in. If the crime statistics are low, then you should consider moving forward with a home.

Features such as gated communities make neighborhoods exponentially safe. According to data recorded in 2009 by AHSUS, an estimated 11% of residential communities were located inside of either a gated or secure community. Out of this 11%, 57% have a special entry system. There are bound to be many more gated communities in the United States. These communities are safer than most communities because they can prevent or at least deter unwanted visitors from getting anywhere near your home. Some of these neighborhoods have security cameras as well, which can either further deter criminals from committing crimes in your neighborhood.

Raising your family in a gated community is a good idea because of the added security. For a small child, this could be life-changing. Playing and exploring a gated community is safe for children.

Home Value

When looking for a home to raise a family in, it is important to make sure the homes surrounding your investment are in good shape. The other homes in your neighborhood are important for a variety of reasons. Homes in a certain proximity to yours will influence the price of your home. If a home is low, it can lower the value of your home. If the other homes are worth a lot, it can raise the value of your home.

Other homes in your neighborhood are also a good indication of the upgrades and enhancements you can make to your home that can either add more security, convenience, or value to a home. This is important because some constriction projects and home upgrades have to be approved by the local government. If a home in close proximity to you has already gone through the process, chances are you can also make the upgrade to your property without legal retribution.

A good example is the addition of a driveway. Not all homes have driveways, but many have the ability to place one on their property. A good way to determine whether a driveway can be added to your property is by the presence of other driveways in homes near yours. Driveways are convenient. New driveways can also increase the value of your home by as much as 10%.

The bottom line is, there are many different things you should be searching for in a home to help raise your family. If the neighborhood is safe, involved, and well kept, you should have no trouble bringing up a family in such a place.