Hormonal Imbalance

Have you ever experienced bouts of fatigue or tiredness even after a full eight hours of sleep?  What about nights of sleeplessness or insomnia?  Hormonal imbalances have become common among both young and older women.  You do not need to be of pre-menopausal age to experience symptoms of an imbalance.

Doctors focus more on the symptoms and less on the causes, which is why it is important to take matters into your own hands and help prevent the issues from arising before they do.

Top Causes of Hormonal Imbalance in Women


Stress can occur in a variety of ways.  Everyday stressors such as work-life balancing, child rearing, spousal conflicts or cases of emotional and physical abuse can affect hormone levels.  Stress increases cortisol levels and cause the body to increase excess hormones that work together to eliminate cortisol’s effect.


Poor nutrition can affect the body’s hormone balance.  Consuming too many fats and sugary sweets affects the way the body is supposed to produce hormones.  Processed foods have a negative effect on the system while wholesome foods such as fruit, vegetables and white meats have a positive effect.


Too much or too little exercise can have unhealthy affects on the body’s hormones.  Balance through the adaption of a healthy exercise routine is what brings the body into order.


Common cancers in women such as ovarian, uterine or breast utilize the body’s hormones to grow and as a result cause an imbalance as the cancer thrives.  Routine check-ups are advised to rule out disease, when experiencing any symptoms of hormonal imbalance.


Toxins in the environment can have unhealthy results on the body’s hormone levels. Food pesticides or contaminants can alter estrogen production by binding to estrogen detectors in the body which upset the hormone balance.  Choosing organic produce, dairy and meats are a great way to avoid environmental toxins.

Hormonal Supplements

Birth control pills or hormonal supplements may affect the body’s hormone balance.  Normal levels can be upset by the introduction of the pill or other supplements.