Of all the alternative methods practiced by couples trying to get pregnant, acupuncture is the most common. Acupuncture has become so popular that many fertility clinics now offer it with their more conventional treatments. Increasing numbers of couples are also choosing to try acupuncture before they try more invasive fertility techniques.

Acupuncture is a type of traditional Chinese medicine that uses needles. These needles are placed at certain points that are believed to transport energies around the body. Chinese medicine believes that when these energy flows become disrupted, illness (and in this case, infertility) can occur.

Acupuncturists say the treatment can help regulate hormone levels and increase blood flow to the uterus. They say it can also help male fertility issues by increasing blood flow to the penis. However, the treatment cannot cure problems such as blocked fallopian tubes, nor can it restore fertility after menopause.

Medical practitioners remain divided on whether acupuncture has any real ability to treat or cure infertility. Some studies have found it to have no significant effect, while others claim that it can increase the chance of achieving a successful pregnancy when using IVF. Women with PCOS have also reported that acupuncture has helped to regulate their ovulation cycles. Moreover, it has been shown to enhance relaxation and lower stress levels, and doctors agree that these can be beneficial for couples.

If considering acupuncture treatment, be sure to check the credentials and experience of the practitioner. Some acupuncture clinics have someone who specializes in fertility issues, and you should never be afraid to ask for references from former clients.

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