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Child care insurance is insurance that is designed to protect the needs and finances of a child care agency. Child care insurance is required by most States in the U.S. Most day care centers and nursery schools must have child care liability insurance to become licensed by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Child care insurance requirements in States vary. Some States require child care centers and/or family child care homes to have some form of insurance. Some States either require providers to carry insurance or to notify parents if they do not carry insurance. To find the specific insurance requirements in a State, contact the State child care licensing agency.

What will it cover?

Coverage depends on the type of insurance you buy. Most child care insurance policies offer general liability coverage that protects you if someone claims you caused their injury, and pays to vigorously defend you if you are sued. Some types of child care insurance will provide a crises response team and cover rape and sexual abuse.

How to choose

  • Does the company providing the child care insurance have a dedicated crisis response team, which can be called in at a moment’s notice to help your child care center through serious or crisis situations?
  • Does the program provide hard-to-find liability coverage, like sexual abuse and child care providers/teachers professional, that are essential to fully protect your center?
  • Does the company providing the child care insurance provide risk-management advice to make your center safer?
  • Does the company’s claims team have experience handling highly emotional claims involving children?
  • Is the company rated “A” or better by independent insurance analyst?

End of coverage?

  • When your policy expires
  • When you fail to pay your premiums