health insurance

Review Your Health Insurance Policy and Handbook

If you have received notice of a health insurance claim denial, the first step is to find out exactly which benefits your insurance policy provides. The best way to determine which benefits your insurance policy provides is to read the insurance policy and insurance benefits handbook.

Call Your Insurance Company for Further Information

Call your insurance company and ask for the exact reason why the claim was denied. Sometimes the insurance company has made a mistake or the medical facility entered in the wrong insurance or procedure information.

Inquire About Appeals Procedures

After you have reviewed your health insurance policy, reviewed the health insurance hand book and spoken to your insurance representative, inquire about the appeals procedure. Every insurance company should have a detailed appeals procedure listed within their policy handbook. If not, you can contact the insurance company directly and ask for their appeals procedure. The appeals procedure may be a lengthy one but it is worth it to go through the process in order to have a health insurance claim paid if you believe your denial is unjust.

Keep Detailed Records

When trying to get the health insurance claim denial issue settled, be sure to keep detailed records of all issues regarding the claim and appeal. If you keep track of information received, individuals consulted and documents reviewed, you will be more likely to have the issue resolved in a faster, more efficient fashion. If you keep detailed records, it will be easier to recall information and you will be able to present the information at a moment’s notice.