You may have already heard of the Jack LaLanne Juicer or you’ve seen the infomercial late at night on television.

What’s all the hype about?

Jack Lalanne is a lecturer, motivational speaker and the so-called “Godfather of Fitness.” He thinks juicing is much more than a way to quench your thirst. He believes juicing may even save your life.

And at 91, Lalanne is certainly the epitome of eternal youth, vigor, and heath. So maybe he’s on to something. Can juicing encourage a healthful and trouble-free long life for you, too, along with other steps such as regular exercise?

If you want to be this vital, too, you can get it. And Jack Lalanne’s Power Juicer can help.

More and more Americans want to know what he does to stay so young. If he recommends juicing, and if people have benefited from his suggestion (as they have) maybe there’s some truth to it.

Regardless, how does the Jack Lalanne juicer – also known as the “Original Juicing Machine” – perform?

Jack LaLanne Juicer Review

First, the rotor blade is constructed of surgical quality stainless steel, so it’s plenty sturdy. The motor is quiet even as the blade extracts 30% more juice than most other juicers. Pulp is nearly dry and ready for use in other cooking or for compost.

Users have said that too many hard fruits and vegetables will strain the motor, and that you should combine soft and hard vegetables for best results.

Quickly clean the juicer (within 15 minutes of use) to avoid staining the plastic interior, especially if you’ve just done carrots. Cleaning is easily done, as all components detach.

Replace the blade (easily ordered) after a year of operation to ensure continued maximum performance. Jack Lalanne’s juicer is of commercial and not industrial strength, so it can’t withstand continual heavy usage.

To keep from overworking the motor, slice fruits and vegetables into smaller sections and don’t put in very tough rinds like pineapple (even if the advertisements say you can).

The Jack Lalanne juicer is powerful, nonetheless, and as stated before, extracts 30% more juice than other juicers.

It’s easy to bake cookies with pulps like apple, too, although you should avoid skins and seeds in pulps used for anything you want to bake.

Jack Lalanne’s juicer will give you fresh, vitamin-and-nutrient rich juices in a snap. As Jack Lalanne says, “Juicing is the easy way to help save your life. And I guarantee it!”

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