The heath benefits of juicing your own fruits and vegetables are numerous, yet the purchase of ready-made juice drinks from the mall is still first choice for many people. Not only is this more expensive than juicing at home, it is also less-environmentally friendly.

The Health Benefits of Juicing

The importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables is something we often hear from doctors and health experts as a way to maintain a healthy body. It can be argued that one of the biggest health benefits of juicing is cellular cleansing (cleaning the cells in our body). Vegetable juice can easily and quickly get into the system as there is little digestive work needed. Furthermore, the vegetables that you choose to juice are often full of nutrients and as they are raw; do not contain anything that you may find in packaged juice drinks.

Due to the fact that the fruits and vegetables are in juice form rather than solid, the body can absorb the nutrients much faster. This is an easy way to get needed enzymes in the body, required for creating tissue and energy. In addition, as enzymes are involved in metabolism, juicing can certainly be attributed to helping improve metabolic rate.

From a pure convenience perspective, juicing fruit and vegetables is an easier way to remain healthy. Some people will have vegetables with their main meal and fruits throughout the day, but many prefer to eat tastier food, or simply do not have the time to intake the recommended amount of fruit during their working day. Juicing your favorite vegetables and fruits is the easiest way to make sure your body is getting what it needs, hassle free.

The Environment Benefits of Juicing

Although the health benefits are the main reasons why many juice; there is also the environment that can benefit. A lot is made of the state of the environment, with an increasing number of toxins entering the earth’s atmosphere and contributing to the green house effect. Fumes from motor vehicles, factories, and household appliances or personal luxuries such as deodorant spray cans all play their part, and this can also be said for the manufacturing and disposal of plastic bottles; often used in packaging juice drinks for retail.

Of course the use of a juicing machine will contribute from the initial manufacturing side, but there is of course no constant disposal of bottles, and no need to purchase bottled juice drinks.

What’s more, juicing can be fun! Juice whatever fruit and vegetable you like. You can create your own mixes or read up on the many juicing recipes available on the internet. Juicing is extremely beneficial, not only for our general health and fitness, but also for our environment.

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