Children learn through play and with toys. It is essential that children are provided with age appropriate toys which stimulate their minds and senses. Toys should address and promote learning in all of the various stages of childhood development. When children show an interest in certain types of toys, they should be encouraged in their play.

Toys for Infants

  • Mobiles for young infants. These should be removed when the infant is able to sit upright.
  • light balls which put pictures on the ceiling
  • anklets and bracelets which are colorful and rattle when the baby moves his or her limbs
  • colorful “play blankets” with different textures to touch and see
  • play gyms which are placed over the infant who is on his or her back
  • rattles
  • teething Rings
  • plastic key rings
  • soft baby dolls or stuffed animals
  • music uoys
  • mirrors

Toys for One and Two Year Olds

  • push toys
  • pull toys
  • ride on toys
  • board books
  • music books
  • plush or plastic blocks for stacking
  • stacking cups
  • pop up toys, such as the “jack in the box”
  • soft dolls or stuffed animals
  • fat crayons and coloring books
  • bath toys/floating toys
  • music toys
  • balls (lightweight)
  • pedal toys
  • play telephones, cash registers, toasters, etc.
  • dress up hat and shoes
  • kitchen/workshop set

Toys for Pre-School Children

  • slinky
  • busy beads
  • puzzles
  • view finders
  • lacing and button cards
  • tricycles
  • ride on cars (motorized or peddle)
  • building blocks
  • matching games/board games
  • tool set or household cleaning set
  • sandbox
  • buckets and shovels
  • wagon
  • dolls or stuffed Animals
  • play Kitchen or Workshop
  • play-doh
  • crayons and coloring Books
  • sidewalk chalk
  • dress-up clothes
  • puppets
  • train sets
  • finger paints

Toys for Five to Seven Year Olds

  • erector sets
  • card collections
  • board games
  • sketch books
  • dress-up clothes
  • bicycle
  • ride on cars (motorized or peddle)
  • push toys (small cars, trucks)
  • dolls or stuffed animals
  • baby doll stroller
  • LEGOs
  • puzzles
  • coloring books, crayons and water colors
  • balls (soccer)
  • barbie’s/G.I. Joe’s
  • Lincoln logs
  • finger paints
  • educational computer/video games

Toys for Seven to Ten Year Olds

  • bicycle
  • skateboards
  • hula-hoop
  • jump rope
  • balls (basketball, baseball/glove, kick ball, soccer ball)
  • dolls or Stuffed Animals
  • barbies/G.I. Joe’s
  • paint by numbers
  • clay
  • remote control toys
  • video games
  • art set (pens, pencils, markers, paper, stamps, and stickers)
  • bead sets
  • card collecting
  • books
  • dress up clothes

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