Did you know makeup has a shelf life?

  • Mascara and liquid eyeliner should last 3 to 4 months. If you get an infection, such as pinkeye say goodbye sooner.
  • Eye shadow, blush, and face powder can last up to 2 years! However, if it gets suspiciously crumbly or shiny, toss it.
  • Lip gloss, lipstick, and lip balm can last a year with a wand and 2 years with direct or brush application. It is time to throw it away sooner if you get a cold sore or other lip infection.
  • Pencils usually last about 3 years. Get rid of it sooner if it becomes unusually dry or melts.
  • Liquid foundations last up to 2 years. Discard it sooner if the color changes or separation occurs.