Is buying a hyperbaric chamber worth the cost? How much does a hyperbaric chamber cost? Read on to find out the truth here.

Do you ache all over on a regular basis? Or do you suffer from infections and inflammation? It can be frustrating and no matter how much medical care we seek we can sometimes find ourselves struggling to get a diagnosis or a solution.

Perhaps you’ve considered a hyperbaric chamber as a solution. This can do wonders for people who’ve been going to the medical room and seeing doctors for years.

But how much does a hyperbaric chamber cost? And is it worth it? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is a Hyperbaric Chamber?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves placing all or parts of your body into a chamber that is pumped with oxygen. The medical theory is that the extra exposure to oxygen can speed up the healing process, particularly in the tissue. It feels like being inside a balloon and you can even nap inside. 

Although the evidence isn’t completely behind a hyperbaric chamber, doctors are willing to invest in them for their patients as demand grows.

In some patients with serious wounds, a hyperbaric chamber has been known to reduce the need for amputation.

Some studies also suggest they can reduce the impact of diseases such as diabetes mellitus and osteomyelitis.

Different Types of Hyperbaric Chamber

The cost of the hyperbaric chamber depends on the type of chamber that you decide to have treatment in.

Military Style

Miltary style hyperbaric chambers are the best chambers but also the most expensive. They are so-called because they are used on members of the armed forces, most likely members of the navy, who are suffering from diseases caused by extensive time underwater.

They can pump up to four times the normal amount of water into the body, an unprecedented amount. This can do wonders for severe ailments. 

But they do come at a price and will set you back at least $250,000. This is the kind of money you would expect to buy a house with, that most people don’t have upfront.

Medical Use

Getting hold of a military-style hyperbaric chamber is not only expensive it can be difficult. Many doctors would argue there is little value in a military-grade hyperbaric chamber compared to one for normal medical use. These are a lot cheaper and often just as effective.

Medical style hyperbaric chambers can increase the oxygen level in your lungs and on your body to about 2-3 times the average.

Not only are they cheaper – at $75,000 – they are also a lot smaller. This means you don’t have to find as much space in your house for them nor do you have to worry about the cost of shipping. The price tag might still be too high for the average consumer.

If you are considering buying a hyperbaric chamber be sure to check out these summit to sea hyperbaric reviews before you make your purchase.

Renting Rather Than Buying

The most obvious solution to this problem is to rent rather than buying a hyperbaric chamber or to seek to use one through your medical practice for a one-off period of time. 

Being treated at home can be more comfortable than being treated in a medical facility though you won’t have the added security of constant medical supervision if you are treated at home.

The cost of being treated in a medical center can also soon stack up even if you have the correct insurance. Between 40-80 sessions is normal and each one could cost you up to $350. In total that’s around at least $14,000 and maybe up to $28,000.

If you want to rent a hyperbaric chamber at home, however, then one of the things you must remember to do is to get permission in terms of a prescription from your doctor.

Another option you have is to buy a second-hand machine or a brand new machine and then sell it on when you’ve finished your course of treatment. There is a risk in doing this as there is no guarantee that you will make a return

Live O2 Systems: Pumping That Blood

What alternatives do you have if you don’t want to use a hyperbaric chamber for cost reasons?

One of the best alternatives is a Live O2 system. This is a more targetted approach that can send oxygen to specific parts of the body and is more efficient with the way it uses oxygen. This reduces the overall cost.

But the key difference between a hyperbaric chamber and Live oxygen or O2 system is that a Live O2 system is not a passive activity. You have to exercise to increase the level of oxygen in the system.

Some users might relish the chance to work out and get fit and heal themselves at the same time. For many users, however, the thought of exercising when they are undergoing a medical procedure might put them off. Many users undergoing oxygen therapy are also in intense pain so further stress might not be advisable or pleasurable.

Live O2 systems also use hypoxia and a lower form of oxygen so this treatment might not be as effective.

It would also be unsuitable for people with Alzheimer’s disease, though research is still ongoing as to whether increased exposure to oxygen can help cure this condition. 

How Much Does a Hyperbaric Chamber Cost?

How much does a hyperbaric chamber cost? It depends on you. If you want a state of the art machine that you can use from the comfort of your own home then it is likely to set you back hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There are portable machines available and ones that are less powerful but they are likely to be less powerful.

It’s important to question what you want the machine for and if you are better off seeking treatment from medical practice.

If you are interested in reading more about how much does a hyperbaric chamber cost or buying a hyperbaric chamber then be sure to check out the rest of our site.