Mental health is no joke. Whether you’re talking about mental health during COVID-19 or everyday mental health, the same truths can be found at all times. Those truths all revolve around the fact that you must take care of your mental health first if you hope to be successful. So how can one do that?

If you feel stressed or anxious or even depressed, know you’re not alone. So much so, that 350,000,000 people around the world feel the same depressed feelings you may have. However, that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to be depressed by the stress in your life. You can work through it. You can manage it. Follow these simple guidelines for checking up on your mental health and you’ll be a more successful, healthy, and functioning person all around.

First things first: managing your stressors

In order to manage your stressors, you have to know what they are. So identifying triggers or things that make you stressed is the first place to start. Then, only allow those things into your life at a pace that you can deal with. Overwhelming yourself with triggers and stressors will only make things worse for yourself. Dealing with stress in increments at a time, until these things are no longer as stressful, is how to best deal with the stress in your life.

Part of managing your stress is learning what to do when you feel overwhelmed. This means identifying strategies to help keep your stress levels down. Once you’ve established strategies that help you de-stress, you can then start to work on working through the things that cause you stress. For many, 50% even, say gardening helps them feel calm. For others, having an emotional support animal helps them. Of dog owners in the U.S., 45% say their dog sleeps in bed with them. Other strategies could be taking a shower to calm down, writing in a journal, or exercise. Whatever helps you lower stress and get to a point where you’re more able to take on that task is a good strategy.

Great bodily health can lead to great mental health

There are other ways, too, to make sure your overall health is aligned with your mental health. This not only helps your health all around, but it’ll help keep your mental health from going out of check. One of the best ways to do this is by having a routine you stick to. Keeping yourself in a routine helps you to know what’s coming and helps to keep as much of the things you can control in your control.

Additionally, establishing a routine helps you keep a better sleep schedule, which is also crucial to maintaining your mental health. If you’re exhausted, it’s much more likely minor stressors will overwhelm you. Should you be focused and rested, you’ll be able to do hard things more easily.

Lean on others when you need to

Lastly, one of the most important and beneficial ways to managing your mental health is by having people to talk to about it. Whether it be a therapist, a best friend, your family, or any combination of them all, talking with others about your struggles is the single best way to work through them. It also is the easiest way to ensure you’re not alone in your struggle. Aside from that, sharing struggles with those around you strengthens the relationship you already have with them. The more they know, the more they can help. It’s crucial to involve others in your mental health.

Should you do these few easy things, you’ll likely start to see less stress in your life and more care-free time with friends and family.