At this point, you’ve probably been stuck in your home for far longer than you ever wanted to be. It’s likely that as the days go by, you’re finding more and more things you want to change within the house. It can be overwhelming having to stay indoors as a result of the pandemic. As a result, caring for your mental health will become all the more important as our country deals with the second wave of COVID-19. Here are a few home health tips for when staying home becomes too stressful.

Change Things Up

If you’re feeling like parts of your house just absolutely bore you to death, do something about it! What better time for a little home renovation? The home improvement market is anticipated to record its name in the billion-dollar space within seven years, by exceeding revenue of $1120 billion by 2025. There’s no better time than now to spend a little on updates to make life at home that much easier.

Some easy things you could do include painting the walls, replacing furniture, and switching out decorations. Painting is something you can do that’s cheap and relatively easy, which makes it a great activity if you’re just looking for a quick fix. Similarly, updating decorations can be just as cheap if your style allows it and you know where to find the right deals. Either way, this is something that’s quick to do and something you can change as often as you like, should you need continued activities to keep yourself going. Replacing furniture can be a bit more expensive, but can really have an impact on a room. If you’re looking for a more dramatic change of scenery within the home, a furniture update may be just what you need.

Similarly, though this may not sound like very much fun, cleaning can be very rewarding for your mental health. If things are cluttered around the house, your brain can feel cluttered too. Keep things organized and tidy to help yourself feel like you’re on top of some things. This can be crucial for the anxious brain in a time when there is so much you cannot control.

Find Activities

Another way you can help pass the time and rid yourself of some boredom is by finding activities that you like to do within the house. If you’re someone who loves DIY crafts, this might be how you end up redecorating the house. Maybe you’re an avid sewer and decided your throw pillows needed a new look. Thankfully, for those into crafting, you can let your imagination guide you. There’s really no mistakes you can make. Unlike professionally, where for every seven new product ideas, only four enter the product development stage, any craft you make is perfect because it was the act of doing it that’s important for your mental health.

Maybe you’re someone who finds solace in the kitchen. If you love to cook, there’s really no better time than when you’re stuck at home to try out new dishes. This is especially true with the holidays coming up. There will be lots of opportunities to cook and bake. Bakery products comprise over 2% of the United States GDP, equaling just over $300 billion per year. So get out your cookie sheets and let yourself get carried away with the smell of chocolate and vanilla. Whatever it may be, finding activities you like to do will help your mental health stay more positive.

When it comes to keeping your mental health in check while you’re stuck at home this year, staying busy with things you enjoy is key. Additionally, if something is bothering you, figure out what you can do about it. There is only so much we can control while living through a pandemic, so find the things you can and hone in on them. Spending so much time in the house can be tough, but it also can provide many opportunities for new things to happen.