If you’re preparing your muscle building diet plan, one snack that you must not leave out is the pre-bed snack.  You may think that eating something before you go to bed is a good way to guarantee that you add additional body fat, but the fact of the matter is that as long as you work that snack into your total daily calorie intake, no additional fat gains should result. Instead, you’ll provide your body with nutrients going into the overnight fast that it needs to keep on building lean muscle mass, moving you closer to your end goals.

Cottage Cheese With Peanut Butter

Topping the list of before bed snacks that will definitely help take your muscle building results to a new level is cottage cheese with peanut butter.

This is the perfect snack to have before bed because the cottage cheese will supply a slow digesting source of protein to the body while the natural peanut butter will provide the healthy fats to fuel the body.

While you won’t be burning a lot of calories while you sleep, you will still use some energy so you want a form that won’t influence blood sugar levels.  Peanut butter does just that.

Greek Yogurt With Flax seeds

The next snack that you should consider before bed is Greek yogurt with a small amount of flax seeds mixed in.

Flax seeds are a terrific source of essential fatty acids that you should have for maximum success. In addition to that, the Greek yogurt will also provide you with a very low carb source of protein, which is perfect for this before-bed period.

Altogether flax seeds will easily be under 200 calories, which is just what you’re looking for before you turn in for the evening.

Salmon With Spinach

Third up on our list of pre-bed snacks that will work well with your diet program is salmon with some spinach.

Salmon is an excellent source of protein with healthy fats and will help to provide the body with key nutrients it needs for building muscle and maintaining your health.  The spinach is also going to be a good source of iron in the diet, which then helps ensure that you maintain high levels of energy as you go about your workout session.

Some women will become iron deficient if they aren’t eating enough red meat and are still of the menstruating age, therefore finding alternate sources of this nutrient will be key.

Don’t shun eating before bed any longer.  Just choose wisely and that snack will work with your goals rather than against them.