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If you’re getting ready to dive into a muscle building workout plan, one thing that you must take some time to understand correctly is how cardio training will factor into the mix. Many women are very interested in keeping up a high amount of cardio as they are strongly under the belief that it’s their everyday cardio training that will help keep them lean in the long run. But, before you’re too quick to jump onto the treadmill six or seven days a week, there are a few important things to realize.

Cardio Training And Recovery

The very first thing that you must keep in mind is that doing high volumes of cardio training along with your usual strength training workouts can sacrifice your ability to recover significantly.  Since the body does require so much rest in order to repair the muscle tissues that you’ve just broken down during the weight lifting workout, it becomes imperative that you’re taking this rest.

You should aim to have at least one, if not two, full days off each week where nothing more then very light physical activity such as walking is taking place.

Cardio Training And Calorie Intake

Second, the next thing to keep in mind is that cardio training will burn off a significant number of calories.  Since your goal when building lean muscle mass is to actually take in more calories, this can work against you.

If you’re going to be doing high volumes of cardio training, this means you’re going to have to consume even more calories than normal to build those curves on your body.

Cardio Training And Scheduling

It is important to remember the issue with scheduling.  There is no question that you lead a busy lifestyle and getting to the gym for six cardio workouts plus three or four lifting workouts may be a bit too much to handle.

Since you only have so many hours in the gym and weight lifting workouts must take priority, this means you’ll likely have to cut back on your cardio workouts.

Cardio Training And Fat Gain

When it comes to cardio training and fat gain, you should know that a far superior way to prevent excess body fat from being gained is to monitor your diet.  If you notice that you’re gaining body fat, this is a signal that you’re simply taking in too many calories, not that you’re not doing enough cardio.

You’d be far better to cut back your calorie intake slightly than go adding hours of cardio each week.

So while you should keep some cardio in the overall workout program since it does provide health benefits, keep it to two to three moderate paced sessions a week for best results.

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