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Are you looking to add more muscle definition to your body?  Want to firm up and tone those trouble spots? If so, resistance training is the form of exercise for you.

Not only will resistance training increase the metabolic rate so you’re able to burn fat faster, but it’s also going to completely change the way you look.

In order to see the best results from your resistance training program however, a few key things need to be in place.  Let’s have a quick look at the requirements to add muscle definition so you can have a clear picture of this in your mind.

Reduced Body Fat Levels

The very first and most important requirement necessary to increase the amount of muscle definition you have is a reduced level of body fat.  You can have the most defined muscles in the world but if you have a thick layer of body fat covering it, you still won’t see that definition. Following a proper diet program will be the most important thing to reducing your body fat so be sure that you do this along with your resistance training workout program.

A Challenging Stimulus

Second, the next element that should be in place if you’re going to see enhanced muscle definition is a challenging stimulus.  If you’re not working the muscles with a high enough intensity and making them push harder than they’re used to, they’re not going to see a reason to change.

When you overload them with something they can’t quite handle, that’s when they will sit up and that increased definition will be seen. This can come in the form of an increased weight load, shorter rest periods, or a greater number of overall sets or exercises.

Proper Rest And Recovery

Finally, the last element that must be in place is proper rest and recovery.  Just like you need sleep each night to let the body repair itself after all the stressors that you encountered while awake, you also need time away from the gym to let your body repair the muscle tissues so you can grow back stronger.

One big mistake some women make is doing their resistance training program too frequently.  If you want to see the best results possible, aim for three to four sessions per week maximum.  Supplement this with a little cardio training and you’ll be right on the mark for top notch progress.

So there you have the key factors to remember when seeking out more muscle definition. If you design your workout and diet properly, this is one goal that you definitely can accomplish to completely change the way you look.

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