britax stroller

We strongly recommend B-Agile Stroller lightweight stroller. Its aluminum frame lightweight stroller only weighs 16.5 lbs., a big bonus for lifting into the back of an SUV. This is much lighter than other strollers in the same category. The 5 point harness creates security that will give you peace of mind.  The three wheels provide ease of maneuverability. A generous basket size gives you space to put everything you need inside.

The feature we liked most is the ease of transitioning to the many different seat positions. If your baby falls asleep while sitting upright, you can easily transition to a laying position without waking it. The ability to connect a car seat to the stroller (with a simple click) is also a great feature. This is perfect for transporting a sleeping baby to and from the stroller and into the car.

This stroller is missing a tray but didn’t mind that too much. It allowed for ease of getting the baby in and out. We purchased an additional cup holder that attached to the top bar.