Bachan’s Japanese Barbecue sauce offers the perfect balance between savory and sweet. The easy-to-pour sauce tastes like a full-flavored teriyaki sauce with hints of ginger, soy and smoke. It is a must have for everyone from kitchen newbies to experienced chefs.


This sauce is thinner than traditional American barbecue sauces. For a thicker consistency, add a few teaspoons of cornstarch and simmer it slowly in a saucepan. You can also thicken it up by adding honey (this turns it into a delicious glaze).

Bachan’s sauce is truly a mixture of savory and sweet. It is very tasty and can be used for a variety of meats or as a secret ‘splash’ ingredient in a hot soup.

Best ways to cook with Japanese Barbecue sauce:

Create a delicious marinade for kabobs, baby back ribs, seared salmon.

Add as a topping to white rice, hot dogs, salmon patties or hamburger patties.

Dipping sauce:
Use as a dipping sauce for chicken nuggets, french fries, Japanese fried chicken, Mozzarella Sticks, chicken fried steak, fried cauliflower and fried chicken.

Secret sauce:
Create a secret sauce by mixing it with mayo. This secret Japanese BBQ sauce can be added to burgers or used as a dipping sauce for french fries or a drizzle for any type of potato. Adding the sauce (without the mayo) would be a good secret ingredient to a meatloaf.

Add a splash to stir fries, baked salmon, pork chops, baked chicken, slow roasted roast or use as a base sauce for barbecue pizza. If you are feeling adventurous, ditch your current salad dressing and replace it with this barbecue sauce.

Use the sauce as a binder for breaded chicken, breaded salmon or breaded pork chops.

Taco filling:
Add flair to your tacos and mix with ground meats, cheese, and sour cream to use as a taco filling.

Potato filling:
Ditch the butter and chives and add a pinch of barbecue sauce to your favorite potato filling.