We L-O-V-E Be Gud Apple Cider Vinegar Shots

  • First and foremost, it simply tastes GOOD!
    • Apple Ginger has a more traditional flavor but we really love the ‘ginger kick’
    • Elderflower shot has a more softer floral taste and is favored by children
  • Apple Cider vinegar is a nutritional power house with several health benefits
    • helps aid digestion and stimulates gut health with probiotics, nutrients and micronutrients
    • provides an immune boost with naturally acetic acid and probiotics
    • helps flush toxins out of the body
    • helps regulate blood sugar and starch (carbohydrate) breakdown
    • balances your body’s pH levels
    • improves weight management
  • USDA Certified Organic
    • Made with ingredients that do not contain pesticides or chemical fertilizers
  • Easy and small serving size
    • Unlike many other health drinks, all you need to drink is 1 ounce a day for your body to experience the health benefits
  • Several servings per container
    • Wellness is a family affair. Each bottle contains 12 servings which equals 12 delicious servings for the MamasHealth family

Where to buy?

Buy this delicious apple cider directly online from Be Gud Beverages!


The cost is reasonable and ranges between $11 and $8.75 per bottle. We personally suggest starting with a 4 pack and graduating to a 12 pack. If the cost seems out of your budget, step back and compare it with the high cost of most prescription meds or amount of money you will spend masking symptoms associated with seasonal allergies or a mild flu or cold.