The Breville Juice Fountain Duo is our favorite juicer. We purchased it about 10 years ago and after extensive use, have had no problems. It’s powerful machine continues to work and is just like new.

Fresh juice? Yes!
Fresh puree? Yes!
Powerful motor? Yes!
Noisy? Yes! Don’t use this if a baby is sleeping
Blended drinks with 100% fresh juice Commercial-quality? YES!

Our favorite juice mixture is: Carrot, Apple, Golden beet, celery, lime.
**Cilantro, garlic, or ginger can be added to give an extra KICK

Carrot juice is a type of ‘base’ juice. Use carrot juice as the main ingredient and add other juices to ‘season’ the juices. For example, carrot juice can be seasoned with ginger juice or lime juice.

Our favorite Carrot Juice recipes

  • Carrot, apple (child friendly blend)
  • Carrot, apple, and beet
  • Carrot, apple, and lemon (child friendly blend)
  • Carrot, apple, and spinach (child friendly blend)
  • Carrot and ginger
  • Carrot and spinach

Caloric value of carrots:
About 50 calories in 1 cup of carrots.