If you’re looking to build some lean muscle mass and make your body appear curvier, one thing that you must be making sure to do is get enough protein over the course of the day.  Protein is going to be the primary nutrient that supplies the building blocks that your tissues need to generate this new muscle mass out of, so if you’re falling deficient, it’s definitely going to influence the level of results that you see.

Unfortunately, many athletes are currently falling short in their protein intake and not meeting their daily requirements, so this simple change could help move you that much closer to achieving your goals.
Protein powder is something that some athletes consider using but are still somewhat tentative about.  Let’s have a good look at all the reasons you should consider using protein powder so you can quickly determine whether it’s right for you.

Ease Of Convenience
The very first reason why using a protein powder is a smart move for most women is because it’ll be quick and convenient.  You live a very busy life and often don’t have time to prepare chicken breasts, egg white omelettes, and other protein-rich foods that aren’t ready on the go.

This is where protein powder comes in handy.  All you do is put a scoop in with some milk, water, or juice, shake it up, and you’ve got a good 25-30 grams of protein all ready.  It takes just seconds to consume so if you are falling short on protein because of not having time to prepare it, this is a way to overcome that obstacle.

Great For Vegetarians
Protein powder is an excellent choice to help vegetarians reach their needs without having to consume meat products. If you are a vegetarian who does consume dairy, then a regular whey protein powder will be appropriate.

If you don’t consume dairy either, then you can choose a soy variety that is completely animal-product free.Vegetarians are usually at a much greater risk for not meeting their protein requirements so this will be a perfect supplement to add to your day.

Optimal For Before And After A Workout Session
Isolate variety is perfect for right before and after your workout session.

During these time periods getting those amino acids to the working tissues as fast as possible will be a must, and that’s precisely what this form of protein will do.

If you mix a scoop of whey isolate protein powder with some fast digesting carbs, you’ve just created the perfect pre and post workout shake to fuel your muscle tissues for the hard workout session at hand.  So if you haven’t purchased your own tub of protein powder, you may want to consider it.  It’s fast and easy and will help you move closer to your end goal.

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