Don’t ordinary meats and many vegetables contain enough protein to sustain a healthy body? If this is indeed true, how does protein powder benefit your body?

People spend more than $2 billion each year on supplements.

If you go into any health food store or supplement section, you’ll quickly notice that protein powder is by and large one of the most popular and prevalent products that you’ll find. 

So do you need protein powder? What gives?

Protein supplementation can help you out whether you’re trying to lose some weight or build an attractive physique by pumping iron.

Consider this info if you’re on the fence about supplementing with protein powder. 

Do You Need Protein Powder to Be Healthy?

“Need” is a strong word, but you’d be hard-pressed to find many downsides to using it or reasons not to. Protein is a nutrient that does so much to improve your health. 

It’s responsible for repairing muscle and tissue, growing your hair, restoring your skin and so much more. Manufacturers help you get doses by taking food items and condensing them into a powder that you can take in a drink or smoothie. 

Always read the ingredient label of any protein powder product that you’re shopping for.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Protein Powder?

Sure, you can get protein from eating a healthy diet. Does supplementing your diet with protein really have any added benefits?

The answer to this is a resounding, yes! Here are a few of the most noted benefits:

1. Your Body Absorbs and Uses it Faster

Protein powder is finely blended and dissolves easily into liquid. As such, your body absorbs it faster and immediately begins reaping the benefits. 

Getting the same amount of protein would normally require you to eat several meals. Your body absorbs it slower this way, and drinking a protein shake takes less time out of your day. 

2. It Gives You Larger Doses so You Can Build Your Physique and Meet Your Fitness Goals

When you want to really load up on protein, it doesn’t get better than having protein powder. Packing on muscle by weight training requires you to take in more calories and protein than you can normally get through food alone. 

These doses are easy to manage if you blend a shake and take it between meals. Protein powder builds lean muscle, which is helpful for both bodybuilding and weight loss goals. 

3. Protein Powders Come With Healthy Calories and Other Nutrients

You should set goals for your daily calorie intake and go out of your way to get balanced nutrients. Protein powder helps because it typically has more than just protein. 

Many plant-based proteins feature chlorella, a sea vegetable that is packed with B12, which makes it a go-to ingredient for vegan eaters. These powders also tend to have omega 3 fatty acids, iron, and healthy calories that fuel you with energy to get through your day. 

Shop for the Best Protein Powder Products

So do you need protein powder? Sure, you can live without it, but you’re leaving so many health benefits on the table. 

Use these tips and start shopping for the best protein powder to help you achieve your goals. Make us your main source for health and fitness information!