If you’re excited to be on your new muscle building workout routine and are antsy to start seeing your body fill out and take on that fitter look, then you might be questioning which supplements you should consider adding to your workout program.

After all, if you take a look through your local supplement store there’s definitely no question that there is no shortage of supplement options. But, which will be the best?  And which will just waste your money?  Let’s have a brief look at what you need to know about choosing your supplements wisely.

The very first supplement that will provide you some benefits is a good multi-vitamin.  While you should definitely be taking care to meet all your nutritional needs through your diet plan, if you are short on some nutrient, having that multi-vitamin there for support is a wise move.  Some women do find they aren’t taking in enough calcium and iron especially, so this can help cover those deficiencies.

Fish Oil
Second on the list of supplements for your muscle building workout program is fish oil.  Not enough can be said about the positive benefits of fish oil.  Not only does it help to prevent disease and put you in a much healthier state, but it’s also going to increase your insulin sensitivity level so that when you take in carbohydrate rich foods, as is necessary on your muscle building diet, you’re more likely to use these carbs to build muscle rather than seeing them get converted to body fat. 2-4 grams of fish oil is all you need per day to receive maximum benefits.

Protein Powder
Third, protein powder is the next supplement you should look into.  When life gets busy you want to be sure that you’re not sacrificing your protein intake and this will make things easier.

Protein powder is also ideal for right before and after the workout as well since it’s going to help to repair muscle tissues very quickly to ensure you recovery as fat as possible.

Finally, don’t forget about glutamine.  Along with using your protein powder to boost your recovery ability, glutamine is a specific type of amino acid that is especially critical for fast muscle repair. It’s also going to work to strengthen the immune system as well, so your chances of becoming ill or getting the common cold will be decreased.

Glutamine is perfect when taken right after your workout and before bed, so look into this one as well.

So there you have the top supplements for women that you should be considering.  While you definitely don’t require many of those overly hyped up supplements, these are tried and true products that will help you make further progress.