The concept of organics doesn’t only apply to foods; there is a whole market of organic clothing out there as well. If you areserious about taking chemicals out of your environment, this is another place you will want to look.

The basis for a company being able to label their clothing as organic is the same for a food product. It must be made with only materials that conform to organic growing techniques (such as no artificial chemical fertilizers or pesticides). This also means that only clothing made from natural fibers, so nothing made from polyester.

Though many people think of just cotton, wool and perhaps silk when it comes to natural fibers, there are a great number of new choices in clothing fabrics available now. Aside from these traditional fabrics, you can also buy clothes made from jute, hemp, kapok or even bamboo.

In order to be labeled organic, all of these crops will have to be grown without the addition of chemical treatments. Cotton is actually one of the most insecticide-laden crops there are. Approximately 1/3 of a pound of pesticides are used for every pound of cotton harvested. And these residues will eventually make into your clothing, and then are worn next to you skin. It’s definitely something to consider.

Not only are organic clothes made with organic fibers, they also need to only be treated with natural dyes for coloring. This has led to the belief that most organic clothes are a little dull since they tend to be in muted colors but many organic clothing manufacturers have developed all-natural colors that are more vibrant.

So only crops grown organically can be made into certified organic clothing. And just like with any other organic produce, the price is usually higher than non-organic choices. Growing any crops without the added assistance of fertilizers and pesticides (especially with cotton) can mean a lot of losses for a farmer. And so the prices go up.

The idea of organic fabric can be carried past your clothing, and can be found in bedding and other textiles as well.

Organic brands we like:

  • Thought
    • Thought is a natural clothing company that sells women’s and men’s organic cotton clothing, bamboo clothing and hemp clothing.
  • Synergy
    • Synergy offers everything from skirts to outerwear. We recommend their soft recycled dresses.
  • PACT
    • Organic cotton clothing designed to outfit what’s within (underwear).
  • Brook There
    • Organic bras and lingerie