Understatement of the century: Relationships are tricky.

Whether you’ve been with your high school sweetheart for 30 years or you’ve just started dating a fun and interesting person, it’s extremely difficult to keep a relationship healthy, strong, and happy.

Here are some of the most common fights that couples have that can turn from bad to worse quickly:


Money is the cause of so many relationship issues. One partner might like to save and the other likes to spend, one makes much more than the other, one is a little careless, etc. There are so many factors that go into these problems but they certainly are big, big problems.

Two of the most common problems when it comes to money are vehicle purchases and shopping. If you’re not careful, a simple trim piece that would otherwise cost $5 to make could carry a 5,000% premium at the retail counter. If you or your partner are careless when it comes to shopping, that can easily cause immense stress on a relationship.

In 2018, roughly 17 million cars and trucks were sold in the United States. Though the most frequently searched for vehicle price range is $5,000 or less, so many people opt for vehicles that are much more expensive or well out of their price range. This can obviously cause problems in an otherwise healthy relationship.

Instead of just arguing all the time about money, sit down and have a long, mature, and reasonable discussion about your finances. Understand that you and your partner were raised differently and likely have different opinions on money. Try and really listen to each other and see if you can come up with a better approach to keep you both happy.

Household chores

It sounds trite, but this can really lead to serious problems. If one person is washing every dish, doing every load of laundry, and handling every other aspect of cleaning, that can get very annoying. Over time, that could even ruin a relationship.

Each partner needs to help out a little bit so the other one doesn’t feel like they’re doing everything for them. Especially if you have children — because taking care of an adult like he or she is your child can get old FAST.

Again, sit down and have a healthy discussion about household chores and talk about sharing responsibilities. If you have to, create a detailed schedule outlining who does what and when. If you have to and it’s an option, consider hiring a cleaning service instead of just doing everything for the other person.


Having a child can do wonders on a relationship, but it can — obviously — cause some serious problems, as well. You might be strict and your partner is much more relaxed when it comes to parenting. That can cause your child to get confused or to favor one parent over the other, which is very unhealthy.

Discuss every aspect of parenting with your spouse before problems arise. Talk about how you’re going to handle discipline, homework, curfew, and anything else you can think of. Discussing these things early on will help avoid arguments later on.

Clearly, communication is key here. As long as you can identify your relationship problems and respectfully talk about them, you and your partner will be able to overcome any obstacles that life throws your way!