With summer right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the fun activities that you and your family can do outside. Thankfully, there is no shortage of great ideas out there. Here are five outdoor projects your family can do together to get you started.

1. Build a Family Bench

Building your own outdoor bench is a great way to get outside and create something that the whole family can use. While it may sound hard, it’s actually quite easy. DIY pallet benches have been gaining popularity in recent years, and they are great to put together as a family. Pallets usually have over 100 nails in them, and all parts can be repurposed. This is a great way to also teach kids about recycling and reusing materials to cut down on waste. Pallets can also be used to create other outdoor staples like flowerbeds or tables. The only limit is your imagination!

2. Start a Family Garden

Starting a family garden is a great way to teach kids about sustainability and responsibility while also having fun as a family. Everyone will enjoy being able to plant and care for the garden, and everyone can feel a sense of pride once the first fruits of their labor begin to grow. Come harvest, everyone will also love being able to eat what they’ve been growing for the past few months and it could even become a yearly ritual for your family.

3. Use the Sprinkler

Sprinklers, slip and slides, and inflatable pools are summertime staples. Kids love being able to cool down on a warm day by splashing around and having fun. Get the whole family involved and make a day of it out in the sun. (Make sure to stock up on waterproof sunscreen though!) If you don’t have a hose, hook it up in your backyard. Consider contacting a plumber before summer begins to have adequate updates made. The plumbing industry is booming and raked in more than $107 billion in 2018, so you’ll have no trouble finding a local plumber to do the job.

4. Have a Picnic

Another thing that kids love is picnics and being able to eat out in the sunshine. Consider having a picnic in your backyard or at a local park. Set up a blanket outside to enjoy some summertime food staples. Make a big pitcher of tea or lemonade, whip up some tasty sandwiches and salads, and take advantage of the great weather. After dark, you can also consider setting up an outdoor movie screen and enjoying some classics under the stars. Kids will love the change of pace and the ability to watch their favorite movies outside with some great food.

5. Wash the Family Car

The average car will spend over 95% of its life parked, and on a hot day, it’s a good time to give it a wash. Not only will kids enjoy playing in the water and with the soap, but you’ll end up with a shiny clean vehicle when the day is over. Just watch out for mischievous kids when they get their hands on the hose, you might end up having a fun water war on your hands! (You might want to have some water balloons on hand to fire back with!)

Summer is a fantastic time to spend time outdoors as a family. If you’re looking for ideas to get everyone outside and away from screens, consider these five ideas and maybe sit down with your family to work out other activities you’d like to do. Get everyone involved so that you can find things everyone will enjoy!