It shouldn’t come as a surprise that marriages require work; part of the work you have to put in is ensuring the spark doesn’t die. When a couple initially gets together, they are very passionate about each other, and the flame between them can hardly be missed. However, as time progresses, the flame may slowly die; this doesn’t necessarily mean the marriage has to end. There are tips you can use to repair and reignite the flame. Below are five of them.

1. Spend Time Together

Most couples, after getting married, often forget to spend time together, especially when kids are involved. Understandably, you want to provide the best life for your kids, but at what cost? Spending time together doesn’t mean neglecting everything else.

Create time off your busy schedule to relax and enjoy each other’s company. One great way to do this is by having a spa date; depending on your age, this could be at a day spa or a med spa. According to the American Med Spa Association (AmSpa), about 20% of millennials undergo medical spa treatments.

2. Be Spontaneous

According to Wedding Planner Institute, 80% of couples marrying today are millennials. Therefore, while you still have the energy, be as spontaneous as possible. Doing the same things can make relationships mundane; sometimes, the best moments aren’t planned for.

When you feel like the relationship is going through the dry phase, how about packing a bag and going for an impromptu trip? This may reignite the flame by increasing the intensity and excitement in your marriage.

3. Gift Each Other

It may not be their birthday or any other special occasion, but you can be sure the surprise gift will be appreciated, regardless of how they feel about the gift itself. You don’t necessarily have to break the bank to gift your partner; gifts could be anything from tickets to their favorite band, a love letter, a body massage, or flowers. The bottom line is you want to ensure your partner knows you’re thinking about them and appreciate their presence in your life; such gestures will, without a doubt, keep the flame alive.

4. Communicate

Lack of or poor written, verbal, or nonverbal communication is one of marriage’s biggest problems. According to the Regain Editorial Team, 67.5% of marriages in the U.S. break due to poor communication. It’s important to have proper communication channels, whether expressing love or solving problems within the marriage.

Avoid unnecessary interruptions and distractions when having intimate conversations with your partner. There’s more to communication than just words; you can say one thing, but your body language or tone of voice suggests the opposite. Effective communication reignites the flame by reducing misunderstandings.

5. Get Help

To kick off your marriage on the right foot, you may want to sit down with a premarital counselor. According to Verywell Health, couples who undergo premarital counseling are 30% likelier to stay together than those who don’t. Premarital counseling helps build a strong foundation and serves as a manual to help you cope throughout the marriage.

The truth is, even with this manual, problems within the marriage are inevitable. You must recognize when you need help, and don’t hesitate to sign up for a couple’s therapy class. Your willingness to work on the relationship will assure your partner that you still care about them and haven’t given up on the marriage. Eventually, if both of you are on the same page, the flame will be restored to its glory days.

Marriage is beautiful, but it also takes hard work. Most of the issues that lead to marriage breakups can be overcome if the couples are intentional about making their union work. With time, you can expect that some of the fire you had when you first got together will die down; be intentional with your efforts to reignite it. Remember, the small things go a long way in making a marriage work.