As changing times present different issues, the work environment is changing as well. This means that the platform of working parents is different, something that presents both new benefits and new potential issues at the same time. If you are a parent who works from home, read on to see five ways in which you can juggle working remote and parenting so you get the best outcome for your efforts.

1. Network Widely

With remote work, it’s possible to be between jobs when one job ends before you get another one. When this happens, it’s important to note that 80% of job openings are actually not posted online, so this is not the most reliable place to look for a job. Instead, share with your networks that you are looking for a job and you may find one a lot easier in this way.

2. Come Up With a Schedule

When you do get a remote job to do, it’s important to come up with a schedule with which to work. This will make things a lot better for you and your entire family because although there are many unexpected occurrences with parenting, it will be more manageable for you if you have a dependable routine to fall back on. This is because you will be able to plan your activities and work to a better extent, knowing what you need to do when you have more tasks to work on.

3. Designate Work Areas

While working from home is amazing because of the flexibility it offers you as far as your ideal work environment goes, it’s still important to have some structure to it. One way to introduce this is to have designated areas for working and for other activities, including where the children do their homework. When you do this, it may become easier for you to manage work and parenting as you will explain to your family that they are not allowed to come to your working area while you are at work. If you are one of the 14 to 23 million Americans who are planning to move because of remote work, make sure to factor this into the specifications of the house you are looking for. It will be a lot easier to achieve balance if you have a ready space to turn into a designated working area.

4. Seek Help If Necessary

Just because you will be working from home does not mean that you must be able to handle everything else by yourself. This is especially true because you don’t know whether you will have a lot of tasks to do on a day-to-day basis. Because of this, seek some assistance for household duties and child care to make sure that neither of these areas suffers. You may have the advantage of needing less help than you would need if you had to work a commuting job, but it may still be necessary so keep this in mind.

5. Get Organized

Finally, the organization could not be more crucial than for someone juggling remote work and parenting. You need to have a great system to keep work separate from home affairs, so prioritize organization. While the most common home improvement project in 2020 was painting a room, it’s important to note that this is just one of the many things you would need to do to make your home fit for remote work. Add cabinets and storage so that you can have easy access to the things you need while working. This will help you be productive as you won’t need to be looking for work tools and files every time you need them but will know where they are from the start.

With these five tips, you can juggle parenting and working remotely and enjoy the best of these two worlds. With some practice, you could soon become great at doing both and this is a skill that can come in handy in the future.