If you are looking for an activity that you and your family will enjoy this fall, consider volunteering. It is a rewarding and enriching experience, allowing you to give back to your community. In addition, there are so many places you can volunteer that you are sure to find something each family member will love.

Importance of Volunteering

The most important reason to volunteer is that, in whichever field you decide to help, you will make an impact. About 63 million Americans volunteer their time, energy, and talents to make a difference in their local community and/or city. When you add children to the mix, the number goes up. You can encourage your family to be part of that as well! When you do it together, you also get the opportunity to spend time together. This can help strengthen your family’s bond and promote opportunities for personal growth.

Volunteering at a Nursing Home

Even with young children, there are many ways you can help in a nursing home. It will help your kids learn how to connect with senior adults. Also, many residents in a nursing home deal with feelings of loneliness. Having families around to socialize with helps fight it. You and your family members can help prepare meals, play games and cards, read, and overall socialize and eat meals with the residents.

It is also good to prep your kids before heading to a nursing home. Prepare them by asking questions, like what they think they can learn from senior adults. After they have volunteered, you should also sit down with them and get to know their thoughts on the experience and what they learned.

Volunteering at Hospitals and Other Health Facilities

Health facilities are also another great place where you can volunteer as a family. When it comes to health care facilities, most of the time, they will need you to apply through their website, and also, they might have an age limit. That being said, there are many hospitals in the country to help. In 2017 alone, there were about 6,210 hospitals throughout the United States, and the number has been growing ever since, meaning you will most likely find something.

If there is someone in the family with a medical background, they can help with patients or administrative tasks. The kids can make cards for young patients, read to patients, or escort the elderly. This will help your children learn empathy in action!

Volunteering at Local Parks and Gardens

Your family can also volunteer your time to improve your local environment. You can speak to recreational agencies and local parks management, asking how your family can assist. There are many activities, including planting trees, raking leaves, picking up litter, and building birdhouses. Helping with environmental activities helps your kids grow to be environmentally conscious adults.

Volunteering at Local Festivals

Many communities hold festivals throughout the year, from film to comedy to food festivals! You can look for volunteering opportunities at festivals that are family-friendly. Most local festivals are always looking for an extra hand to help with things like handing out wristbands, picking up litter, or just keeping an eye on the safety of young children and senior citizens.

You Can Donate, Too

Apart from time and energy, you can donate other resources within your home, such as clothes and money. When it comes to donating clothing to a children’s home, ensure those clothes are in good condition. You can also donate cash to help charity organizations. If you do not have some money, look at something in the house that you are no longer using that can be pawned. For instance, you may have an old musical instrument, a gadget, or jewelry that you no longer use. About 5% of Americans pawn jewelry when they want cash. This can also be one of the ways for you to get cash to donate to those in need!

Volunteering is a fulfilling act. The good thing is that there are many volunteering activities suitable for different ages. Therefore, sit down with your family today and discuss ways you can help give back to your community.