As a parent, you want the best for your children at all times. When something like a divorce happens, it carries the risk of giving your child a hard time and disrupting their normal routines. If you have recently had a divorce, you can follow these tips to help your child acclimate to their new home and get things back to normal for them.

Decorate Your Child’s New Bedroom How They Like

A big part of helping your children feel like the new place is their home too is letting them play an active role in the decoration. Giving them the chance to decorate and organize their new bedroom will give them a sense of ownership so they don’t feel like they are simply passing through. It will also make it easier for them to settle in because they are personally invested in it. With 32,985 annulments and divorces in Pennsylvania in 2019 alone, it is evident that many children are affected by divorce, so it is important to think of ways to make it easier for them.

Be Positive

A good mood from parents is sure to spread to the whole family. While divorces are stressful for one or both parties, it is possible to find a way to stay positive while you adjust to the new situation as a family. To avoid breeding negativity, be happy with your children when they are happy about something they did with their other parent, your former spouse. When they are excited about visiting their other home, do not bring them down but share their joy as much as you can. This is because the divorce was between you and your spouse with no involvement of your child.

Engage In a New Hobby

Finding something new and fun to do is a great way to positively fill you and your child’s time. There are plenty of hobbies you can try out, from crafting and writing to playing a sport and even swimming. It is a fact that children and teens aged between seven and 17 find swimming to be the most enjoyable recreational activity. You can start with popular examples like this or something else. Trust your child’s inclinations because you know them best as their parent. Give them room to explore, and as long as what they want to do is not harmful in any way, encourage them to keep at it.

Slowly Establish a New Routine

Routines make things easier to do, and they work great for children. Children feel stressed when they don’t know what is going to happen next. Given the fact that they have already been destabilized by moving houses, establishing a new routine is a must, so ease your child into it so they can settle down faster. Knowing what to expect at any given time will also help decrease feelings of anxiety in your child post-divorce.

Make Your Child’s Spaces Feel Homey

Introduce a warm atmosphere into the spaces your child frequents the most, like their bedroom, play, and study areas. This will help get rid of any negative emotions that may creep in and leave your child feeling cold and in a foreign place. About 12.43% of bathrooms nowadays have a modern design to them. While this is a great aesthetic, if it creates the impersonal feel of a hotel room, you should try something more personal. For example, if your child loves sea creatures, their new bathroom can be decorated to imitate an underwater adventure!

Working through a divorce is a delicate process that needs the whole family to pull together so they grow close and stay positive. While it is all too easy to let negative feelings and bad emotions in, remember that it is easier not to allow them to take root than it is to try and get rid of them once they have.