During winter, a lot of time is spent indoors, making comfort more important than ever. If you have children, you probably want it to be a conducive and fun space, especially the living room. Have a look at the six ways in which you can make the living room the best spot in your home for winter and give everyone a reason to spend time together in a common space.

Repaint the Room a Neutral Color With One Accent Wall

While fun, bright, and bold colors may seem edgy and trendy, they could wear you out pretty fast as people’s tastes change often. This, however, doesn’t mean that the room has to be boring, as you can add a highlight with an accent wall. If you’re up for it, you could go for wallpaper or even textured paint. Ask your children for their ideas, and they will definitely be happy if you settle for their suggestions.

Add Eye-Catching Decor

If you have worn and dull decorative pieces, it’s time to get rid of them and replace them with eye-catching options. Garage sales are one place where you could try to find unique, decorative pieces that will give your living room a serious facelift. Alternatively, shop online for gorgeous pieces. The interior design industry is estimated to generate annual revenue of $10 billion, showing that many people are giving their home interiors attention.

Upgrade the Windows to Ensure the Room Is Cozy

A warm room is no doubt going to offer everyone a lot more comfort, which is why, if you are experiencing heat loss through your windows, you need to upgrade them. About 38% of the heat lost in an average home is lost through the doors and windows, and a whopping 50% if your windows are single-pane and drafty. If you feel like you’re losing precious heated air, consider upgrading them to keep more warmth in and keep the energy bills down. You can even add a window seat for additional comfort.

Consider New and Comfortable Furniture for the Space

If you still have the same furniture you had years ago, this may be a great time to get new furniture. There are softer and more comfortable couches and seats on the market if you take the time to look around. As this is a considerably large purchase, you will be better off spending enough time shopping before you buy, as you will avoid regrets when you’re sure you like what you’re buying. Consider getting neutral, high-quality pieces that will last you a long time.

Purchase a Beautiful New TV Stand With Storage

While you’re getting new furniture, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get a new TV stand with storage. This will make it easy to keep entertainment paraphernalia all in one place. No more looking for the remote control or your favorite movie on a disk through the house; just keep them neatly organized in the shelving or cabinets on the TV stand. With about 95% of customers reading the reviews of a product before they make a purchase, take this approach so you buy something that many people have tried and loved.

Create a Gaming Corner for Your Kids

If your children enjoy video games, they will be extremely pleased by the idea of having a gaming corner. They can have storage for their games and consoles that no one has to interfere with and put up posters of their favorite games. This will make sure they’re in their own cocoon when they want to play and everyone else can have the entertainment of their choice.

You can follow the six tips outlined above to get a great living room that everyone will enjoy spending time in this winter. This will help strengthen the bond between all of you as well, which a definite plus during the colder and gloomier months of the year!