I’m a 19 year old female, whose been dieting since the age of 12. Thinking back, I thought I was too big compared to the girls in my class. I didn’t know that most of them had Asian backgrounds and naturally they were smaller built.

By the age 14, I was a walking diet dictionary. In a funny way dieting and fasting increased my knowledge in food, diets, exercise and so forth. It’s like you’re going out to battle and you research on the landscape. Which areas are the most suitable for maximum impact with minimal effort.

When I hit 16, I weighed just under 42kgs at 1.65m tall. It was amazing the amount of attention I was getting from the guys, not only at school but at the gym as well. I gained the weight back and even more, the heaviest was 62kgs. I’ve consumed diuretics, laxatives, fat blasters, metabolism increasing herbs, but nothing seemed to work, nor is working.I blame my obsession on the way I was raised. I watched my mum constantly dieting and throwing up.

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