It may not be news that your dog will thrive if placed in an environment that is both healthy and fun. It’s not hard to do this either, and it may even save you endless trips to the vet so everyone wins in the end. Read on to see a few easy tips that will enable you to create the loving environment at home that your dog deserves.

Have A Dedicated Living Space For Your Dog

Giving your dog their own spot to relax will not only help you set clear boundaries, but it can also keep the rest of the house clean. This spot must be clean, appealing, easy to access, and comfortable. Even if your pet will be allowed to share the couch or bed with you sometimes, it goes a long way to help both of you when they have a space that is just their own. Millennial homeowners, like other age groups, were as likely to remodel their homes in 2014. This was driven by the need to turn a home they just bought completely their own. This should give you the freedom to set up an indoor potty station because even if some stains and damage occur over time, new owners will likely renovate anyway.

Bathroom Breaks

Your dog will need a few bathroom breaks throughout the day, and letting them go outside for this is easy and convenient for cleanup. If you have commitments during the day, you can call a dog walker or have a good friend come in and take them on a short walk outside. The best news is that you can also set up an indoor potty spot which you can clean up later. A short walk will also help in terms of exercise because some dogs like the Goldendoodles need between 20 and 30 minutes of exercise every day.

Feed Them Healthy Food

The same way that eating good, balanced diets helps us stay healthy, preparing healthy meals for your dog keeps them healthy. If you are concerned about their weight, for instance, you can put them on a low-calorie diet. It is also important to avoid unhealthy fillers like sugar and generic meats which are common in some store-bought foods. You could consider preparing them meals yourself because once you know the right recipe, it will be easy and the good news is that you will have the benefit of ensuring only the most nutritious ingredients go into it.

Groom Them Often

If you want to keep your clothes and furniture free of fur, it is important to groom your dog. This is not the only reason to groom, however, because exceptionally fluffy dogs will find relief after being groomed. Good spacing between grooming times is after every six to eight weeks. Between grooming periods, regularly brush your dog’s fur to get rid of loose fur which would otherwise end up on furniture and around the house. Make sure to also cut their nails, and brush their teeth because dogs, too, can develop cavities and gum diseases. Doing some of these things yourself will help you develop a closer bond with your dog, another good reason to do it. Getting fur around the house should not be a problem, however, because about 34% of people who recently bought new homes wanted to avoid having to renovate due to issues with electricity and plumbing. Cleaning up was not a big concern for them.

If you have a dog, it is easy enough to keep them healthy and happy, because they do not have too many requirements for special care. Going the extra mile to ensure that they are in an environment they enjoy will help them love you even more, and who doesn’t want a happy, healthy pet?