arm lift surgery

An arm lift is generally done as an outpatient treatment and you will feel mild to moderate pain upon waking up after the surgery. A patient of arm lift surgery is put on two to five days worth of prescription medication for pain. There will be swelling, which should improve in about two weeks time, but bruising due to arm lift surgery is the exception as opposed to the rule. The bandages placed on the arms will be taken off anywhere from one to seven day which is left up to the surgeon’s discretion.


A patient who has arm lift surgery will experience a certain amount of swelling in the region of the upper arm and tenderness will also be there due to where the incisions were made as a result of the surgery. The patient will be instructed by the doctor to wear a special compress garment on the arm area in order to keep the swelling to a minimum. This garment will have to remain in place for 14 days. A follow up visit will be scheduled after the arm lift surgery is completed to allow the surgeon to have a look at the arm and see if it is healing properly.


Scarring is a part of having arm lift surgery and the scars will not begin to fade for at least 60 to 90 days. Be aware that the surgical scars will never completely go away but they will begin to look better as time passes, although this could take anywhere from 12 to 18 months. The scars need to be kept out of direct sunlight in order for them to heal and for that reason excessive sun exposure is frowned down upon immensely while the scars are going through the healing process.


Discomfort will accompany the surgical procedure and that is why pain medication will be prescribed. As healing begins, the discomfort will come to an end and the patient will begin to feel more like themselves in approximately two weeks time. Swelling of course will still occur but the discomfort will lessen with the passage of time. How much pain and discomfort a patient suffers will often correspond with how much skin was removed from the arm during the procedure. Some individuals find that they need to enlist the help of another person after the surgery because their arms are tender and don’t seem to work as well as they did before the surgery was undertaken.

Recovery Time

No two people recover at the same rate from arm lift surgery, as recovery times do tend to vary from individual to individual. As a general rule those who were in good health before the surgery have a tendency to heal quicker than those who have problems with their health. Smoking can interfere with the body’s ability to heal itself therefore patients who smoke are strongly advised to quit before they undergo arm lift surgery.