buttock implants

Everyone wants to have a nice, attractive and rounded buttocks and for some who do not come by this naturally, buttock implants are an option. This type of plastic surgery is very new but it is an excellent way to add both shape as well as volume to an otherwise flat derriere. Buttock implants are also referred to as butt implants, buttock augmentation or gluteal implants.

The buttocks is a part of the body that has many purposes such as sitting, walking and a variety of other types of movements and therefore it is difficult to keep that part of the body stationary. For this reason, buttock implants might cause a patient more pain and discomfort afterwards than do other forms of cosmetic surgery but it should not be severe.

Generally the recovery period can cause a certain degree of inconvenience, as there are many simple activities a patient is used to doing and takes for granted that can cause discomfort. It is recommended that the first few days following surgery the person avoid sitting whenever possible. If it is necessary to sit place a soft cushion underneath your buttocks before you sit down. As opposed to sitting, lie down on the front of your body or else recline as comfortably as you can on one side or another. You might want to alternate between the right to the left side. Most plastic surgeons will prescribe medication for pain and this should help to lessen the patient’s discomfort a great deal.

It varies from patient to patient, but for most people a few days after surgery all of the drains and the dressings are taken from the skin. Once the drains are taken off you will be able to shower 24 hours later. Most patients who undergo buttock implant surgery will begin to feel like themselves again and will be able to move around as easily as they did before the surgery in approximately a span of seven to ten days time. Be aware that some bruising is likely to occur after the surgery.

It is in a patient’s best interest to always follow the plastic surgeon’s postoperative instructions in order to decrease the chance that complications will occur once the patient goes home. By not listening to the surgeon’s instructions you could end up having problems with the implants in that they might shift and that could necessitate further surgeries.

While you are recovering from your surgery it will be necessary to wear a compression garment in order to provide you with as much support as possible. You will probably notice swelling in the buttocks region afterwards but that is normal and is no cause for alarm. Most patients will be required to be off work for at least a two-week period of time and should then feel good enough to return to work. The recovery times do tend to vary from person to person.

Questions to ask your doctor:

  • What are the possible complications?
  • How much bruising will I have?
  • Is a fever normal?
  • Which symptoms are urgent and require a visit to the doctor?
  • Do I need any medications?
  • Should I schedule a follow-up appointment?
  • What should I expect?
  • How long will it take for me to heal?
  • Should I stay away from specific foods?
  • Will I need another surgery?
  • Should I expect swelling?
  • When can I resume my daily walks and runs?
  • Is it ok to workout or take cycling classes while I am recovering?