implant surgery

Many factors come into play in regards to how long it takes a woman to recover from having breast implant surgery (or breast augmentation). These factors include the age of the patient, family history, skin type, medical conditions, the surgical techniques that were used and even the patient’s overall attitude and outlook on the surgery.


As far as pain is concerned, if the implant was placed above the muscle there is likely to be a mild to moderate level of discomfort and if it was placed below the muscle, there will be moderate to severe pain. A patient of breast augmentation surgery will be prescribed anywhere from one to two weeks’ worth of medication, dependent on how much pain the person is in.

Swelling and Bruising

Swelling is likely to occur both above as well as below the muscle. Above the muscle the swelling will be present anywhere from four days to two weeks while below the muscle it will take two to twelve weeks to go away. Bruising is also very likely to result from having breast implants and this could last up to a period of two weeks. Be aware that some patients do not experience any bruising whatsoever whereas others do. Some patients experience numbness at the site of the implants but numbness should disappear within one to two weeks.

Returning to Work

As far as returning to work, if the implant was placed above the muscle then the patient should be able to return in about a week’s time but if it was placed below the muscle it may take more time, in the area of one to two weeks. If a patient is employed at a job that is very physically demanding and strenuous and involves heavy lifting then it is advisable to not return to work for at least a month. It is best to discuss all your concerns with your plastic surgeon, as not every woman’s breast augmentation recovery period will be the same.

Regular Activities

When it comes to resuming regular household activities and exercise it is advisable to wait for a period of two to four weeks in order to give your body the opportunity to heal properly. At your follow up appointment (or one of many if it is required) the plastic surgeon will be able to advise you on how well your recovery is coming along and when you can get back into the swing of things in regards to your normal everyday activities.

It will take about a month to see the final results of your breast augmentation if it took place above the muscle and about four months if it was done below the muscle. After the surgery is over your breasts will feel unusual as they will be very firm, swollen and will feel higher up on your body then they did before. In some cases it can take upwards of a year’s time for the implants to settle into the position that they will remain in for the duration.