reduction surgery

After breast reduction surgery is over, gauze is carefully placed over the area of the incisions and the breasts are then either wrapped in a bandage made of an elastic material or else they are fitted with a special surgical kind of bra. In many instances a small tube is inserted into each breast in order to facilitate the draining of blood and fluid for the first couple of days following the surgery. The stitches from the surgery will remain in place for anywhere from one to three weeks.

The majority of women who have breast reduction surgery will experience soreness and pain in their breasts for the first few days and this will be most evident when they walk around and move their bodies as well as when they sneeze, cough, laugh or cry. The pain should dissipate soon and will be followed by a milder form of discomfort for a week or slightly longer. The plastic surgeon will prescribe pain medication to help ease the discomfort as much as possible.

The bruising and swelling from the surgery could possibly last for a number of weeks and it is recommended that the patient wear the surgical bra around the clock in order to fully support the breasts as they go through the healing process and also to decrease the amount of swelling that takes place.

If you find that the skin on your breasts is excessively dry after the surgery then you can apply a gentle water based moisturizer to it a number of times every day but make sure you keep the sutured area as dry as possible and keep the moisturizer away from the area in order to allow it to heal properly. Be aware that a small quantity of fluid that drains from the wound is completely normal and so is a small degree of crusting.

It should only take the patient a day or two or at the most three before they feel like getting up and around but the breasts will continue to ache on occasion for many weeks. Avoid any heavy lifting or any heavy pushing or straining for at least a period of three to four weeks. You should be able to return to work and to most of your regular daily activities after a few weeks but avoid any type of strenuous activity or vigorous exercise while you are in the beginning stages of healing. In fact you are best off leaving the vigorous exercise for three to five weeks. Limit your exercise the first couple of weeks to bending, stretching, and swimming. When you do exercise always wear a supportive bra for the breasts such as an athletic bra or a sports bra.

A surgeon may advise a patient of breast reduction surgery to refrain from sexual activity for a period of a week or even more due to the fact that sexual arousal can cause the incisions from the surgery to swell. It is best to have nothing more than soft contact with the breasts for up to a period of six weeks after surgery.