It’s no secret that being a working mom is a struggle, but working while pregnant is no easy feat either. The good news is that, while working while pregnant may be challenging, you can still manage to get your job done right without sacrificing your health and comfort.

Consider the following tips you can use to help you handle being a working mom-to-be.

Know your workplace rights during your pregnancy

There are approximately 28 million small businesses operating in the U.S. and each and every one has different policies. It’s important that you not only know your employer’s maternity leave policies but also that you know your legal rights.

It’s illegal for a company with 15 or more employees to discriminate against you because of pregnancy, childbirth, or pregnancy-related conditions. Your pregnancy must be treated like any other temporary medical condition or disability.

About nine out of every 10 American adults use the Internet, so be sure to do your research on local laws and state laws. Keep this information on hand for when you need it.

Be ready for both the good and bad

It’s unpredictable how your pregnancy will make you feel from day to day, which can make it challenging to plan around your work schedule. This is especially true during your first trimester.

That said, take advantage of the times when you’re feeling your best. When you feel good, be as efficient as possible before your deadlines so you can complete your projects on time. This will give you the ability to take it easy on days when you don’t feel as great.

Wash your hands meticulously

Washing your hands regularly may sound like a no-brainer, but you’re exposed to a lot of germs in-between your visits to the sink. In fact, the average desktop harbors up to 20,961 germs per square inch. And that’s just a desk.

Consider the other objects and materials you touch around your job on a regular basis whether or not you work in an office. If you work in manufacturing where 16% of the world’s steel is used for mechanical equipment, you’re touching handles, oils, and grease regularly. You may also be working with chemicals or materials that have been around chemicals; flexible graphite alone is made up of 95% carbon.

That said, no matter where you work or how you work, be sure that you’re keeping your hands clean and away from your face even if you’re wearing gloves.

It can be challenging to balance your work life during your pregnancy. But by curbing your symptoms before they can impact your job performance, scheduling your doctor’s appointments wisely, knowing your workplace rights, and doing what you can to keep yourself healthy, you can handle being pregnant on the job like a boss.