When you think about how attached people become to their cars as well as the convenience that they get from being car owners, it’s easy to understand why you may want to bring your car overseas. This may seem like a daunting process, but it’s something that many car owners have done successfully before. Here’s a brief outline of how you can bring your car with you when you move overseas, giving you the best experience.

Container Shipping

A common way to transport a vehicle overseas is by putting it in a container and shipping it. This may be as a result of the fact that there are currently 16 million shipping containers in circulation around the world, and a mere six million of them are currently in use for overseas transport. The container that your vehicle is loaded in is put on a ship that’s bound for your country’s destination. On arrival, the container is delivered to a terminal or port from which you can pick up your car and drive off. For this method to be successful, remember to ensure that your car is in good shape for the journey by disconnecting the battery, checking for leaking fluids, and removing all the loose items from the interior.

Roll on Roll off Vehicle Shipping

This method is another popular option that’s picked by people who want to ship their vehicles overseas. It makes use of ships that are designed specifically for vehicles, and there are many advantages to using them. Two of these advantages are that this method is fast, and it’s also quite affordable. The speed of this method is based on the fact that the ships make fewer stops than container ships, with their main duty being to transport vehicles. To use this method, your car should be in a position to drive on and off the ship with its own power.

Driving the Car

If you’re up to the task, you could use the method of driving your vehicle across borders. This is especially a great solution if the destination country is not too far from your country of origin. Keep in mind that a mere 1.3% of the cars sold today are actually stick shift, according to Cars, and consider the merits and demerits of driving a stick shift car over a long distance. This can be quite tiresome for you, especially if you don’t have experience driving the vehicle over long distances. In this case, and if driving is still the best option for you, you could hire a professional driver to do the job for you, saving you the hassle.

Air Shipping

Finally, there’s the option to ship your car by air, which is the most expensive way to move a car overseas. It’s also the easiest method since you can simply drive your vehicle to the airport and drop it off at a shipping company. This method also happens to be the fastest one that you can use, typically taking just a few days. That said, air shipping is one of the most expensive methods that you could use for your vehicle. You may want to choose another option if you don’t have a lot of money to spare for the move.

You need to be sure that your vehicle is paid for in full so that there aren’t any pending bills that could land you in legal trouble. On this note, keep in mind that if your vehicle gets repossessed, the lender will generally give you 21 days to either catch up on the back owed amount or pay the loan balance. If everything is in order, check around to see what options may be the best for you to use so that you can get your vehicle at the destination safely and in one piece.