There are many products available for older men and women to try and slow down or even reverse the effects of skin aging. However, none of them work as well as simply not aging in the first place. Here are some simple things you can do to help prevent skin aging from an early age.

Diet And Exercise

Eating the right things can help preserve your skin. Key to this are Vitamins C and E. Eating a diet high in these vitamins, or taking a supplement regularly, can appreciably reduce the amount of sun damage you suffer over time. Vitamin A is also very important because it is necessary for cell maintenance and repair. It won’t help you to hugely increase your Vitamin A intake, but be sure to have a healthy amount at all times, or you will be likely to see dry, flaky skin in your future.

While maintaining a vitamin-rich diet, exercising also helps keep your skin healthy. By keeping up your metabolism and increasing cardiovascular health, exercise helps clear out toxins that build up in your tissues and increase the rate at which your body renews itself. Staying fit helps keep your skin young and tight as well, since it does not get stretched out from midlife weight gain.

Staying In The Shade

Sunlight is one of the greatest enemies of youthfulness. Although pallor isn’t fashionable at present, keeping your sunlight exposure to a reasonable minimum and using broad-spectrum sunscreen regularly are essential components in an anti-aging lifestyle. It’s a common misconception that sunburn is the only sort of sun damage that we suffer, but in fact sunburn is only one half of the story. The other half is long-term sun damage that happens at deep layers of the skin, and only becomes exposed after aging begins. This sun damage makes collagen weaker, creates age spots and wrinkles, and so on, and it happens every time you go outside. Use sunscreen to keep it at bay.


Nothing ages your face faster than letting your skin dry out. On some days, it can be the difference between looking young and healthy, and looking old and haggard. In the long run, though, it’s important that you stay moisturized as much as possible; the stress that your skin suffers when it’s dry costs it energy that it could be used to renew itself. Instead it has to pump moisture to the surface even while your tissues droop and sag.