You often see advertisements for under eye creams, special eye pillows, treatments for the skin around your eyes, and so on, but have you ever wondered why the skin around your eyes needs to be treated with so much special care? There are a number of reasons.

The Skin Near Your Eyes Works Hard

The skin around your eyes is some of the hardest-working skin on your body. It is constantly moving. Even when you’re sitting still, your eyes are moving around, you’re making facial expressions, you’re blinking, and every time you do one of these things you’re moving the skin around your eyes. Crow’s feet are sometimes called “smile lines” because they reflect the movement your eyes make when you’re smiling. Since skin is like a rubber band, and it loses a little bit of elasticity whenever it moves, the skin around your eyes needs to constantly renew itself at an accelerated rate, much more so than the rest of your face, in order to stay taut and young-looking and healthy.

The Skin Under Your Eyes Is Thin

If you gently feel around your eye, you’ll notice that above your cheekbone and below your brow bone, the skin feels very thin. Unlike the cheeks, lips, and nose, the skin around the eyes is very thin and has little in the way of fat deposit padding underneath. There are a few muscles in the area, but they are also extremely thin. Most of the material below the skin around the eyes is bone: the orbits of the eye sockets. Because there is so little room in this area, the under-eye skin has very few resources available to it; it’s not near a major artery for blood supply. As a result, it is easy to strain or damage this skin.

The Skin Around Your Eyes Is Different

Not only is it hard-working and cramped, the skin around your eyes is also a little bit different than the skin in the surrounding areas. It has fewer oil and sweat glands, so it is less able to regulate its moisture levels, and dries out easily. It’s important that products you se in this area are oil-free because the skin can become clogged easily or contaminants could enter the eye, but it’s also important to moisturize often to keep this delicate area supple and healthy.

Cleansers and moisturizer for the skin around your eyes

Bar soap won’t cut it for the delicate skin on your face. While some cleansers are gaudy and contain overpriced, fanciful ingredients like pearl dust, gold leaf and exotic animal products, there’s no reason to spend $200 so you can cleanse your face with extract from a zebra’s placenta or powdered gold. However, it’s important that you spend money on a good cleanser that works well on your skin and is formulated to address any issues you have with your face’s current state. If you’re in your twenties, prone to breakouts and getting wrinkles under your eyes, it might be a good idea to shell out the $30 for Chanel’s AGE DELAY cleanser— and if you’re in your thirties with dry skin, buying one of the rare skin firming cleansers that doesn’t dry out your skin is an investment worth every penny. And many of these cleansers go a long way— there’s no reason to squirt out a silver dollar sized serving of cleanser for real estate the size of your face. If you use just enough, your investment will last you a long time.

A Gentle Moisturizer That Won’t Weigh Your Skin Down

Many people, especially younger women, have an unreasonable phobia when it comes to moisturizers: it’s as if any product that goes onto your face and is not immediately rinsed away might lead to oily skin and breakouts. And honestly, most of this concern may come from bad experiences with bad moisturizers— which is why it’s so very important to find a good moisturizer that suits your skin. A good moisturizer is full of pure ingredients that won’t clog your pores, as well as sunscreen to protect your face from the elements when you’re out and about. Look for one made for your skin type, and don’t be afraid to stop using it and find a new one if it doesn’t seem to be working the way it should.