family holidays

The holidays bring with them so many wonderful things yet stressful conditions can occur as well. One stressful issue which many people face during the holidays is the rapid influx of family members throughout the holiday season. Whether it is the immediate or in-laws, family can be quite a handful. Add in a little too much eggnog and some members are almost unbearable.

Be realistic when it comes to entertaining goals

Some individuals tend to feel their inner Martha Stewart come bubbling out during the holiday season and try to throw elaborate gatherings and get-togethers for the whole family to attend. It is important to be realistic in your entertaining goals. Although one may want to have parties for different members, it is important to know when to draw the line and ease up on your party planning. Doing so will make the interaction amongst family members go much more smoothly as the hostess/host will be more relaxed and better able to deal with the family.

Share the responsibilities with others

Tension amongst family members can also be created during the holidays when one family member seems to be taking all the responsibility. This can cause animosity and problems within the family if one is saddled with all the entertaining, wrapping and decorating duties. If family members all participate in the party planning, they will find that when they do get together the atmosphere is as pleasant as can be.

Holidays are once a year

For many individuals, the holidays are the main time, when they make time to see their entire family in the same room at the same time. Try to remember that holidays come only once a year. If you dread having to deal with some members, try to be as festive, gracious and understanding as possible as it may be only a small period of time when they see everyone.

Holidays are stressful at times but they are also a wonderful time to gather with the family and have a good time. By keeping in mind the brief time period of the winter holidays, it will be easier to sail through the holidays while keeping the atmosphere light and festive.