Ah, if only we can take the beach to work, we’ll have instant relief from the boss who keeps nagging us!

But don’t worry, you don’t need transportable serene views, a mobile gym or a portable yoga mat to be able to manage stress at the office. There are many stress management techniques you can do right at your desk; techniques you can apply even when you’re in a public place where there’s limited space. Which is a good thing! Stress doesn’t pick locations — it can come anytime, anywhere, sometimes in ways totally unexpected.

Be sure you commit to memorize some of the handy stress management techniques listed below:

Squeeze a stress ball. The stress ball may seem like an unassuming object, but there’s a science to having one at your desk. Our muscles feel more relaxed if they can alternate between tension and release, something that squeezing a stress ball tightly and letting go can do. And if you’re really angry, you may even throw your stress ball at the wall just to release some steam. Just make sure you don’t hit anyone!

Practice Progressive Muscle Relaxation. PMR or Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a hypnosis technique aimed at inducing relaxation in the various parts of the body. Start by breathing carefully through your mouth, mindfully releasing tension with every exhale. And then with deliberate slowness, command each part of your body from your head to your toe to relax. The technique works well with stress-related headaches too!

Break out into a happy song — or a silly dance. Yes, you can do this anywhere! In fact, some songs are scientifically proven to lift moods, such as Van Halen’s “Jump”, ABBA’s “Dancing Queen”, Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” and Take That’s “Greatest Day.” And who can forget the Macarena or the Chicken Dance? Come on, belt it out and bust a move!

Pray. There’s merit to surrendering all our troubles to the universe or a Higher Power. After all, at the end of the day there’s only so much we can control, the rest we just have to let go to fate and/or faith. So take a moment to offer thanks for the things that are still going well, or ask for help for the stuff that stumps you. Hey, prayer is said to be able to move mountains!

Offer yourself some encouragement. Lastly, a little self-talk goes a long, long way. After all, it’s the messages that we tell ourselves that can something decide our mood; if we call ourselves as losers, certainly we’ll feel less empowered to manage all the things overwhelming us. So do utter a “good job!” and “you can do it!” every now and then. You may even put some maxims on a poster so that you won’t forget!